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Fundamentals Class Graduation Saturday 7.26.14

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A. Teams of 2 750m Row, work can only be done while your partner is holding a kettle bell in the front rack position 70/55, as soon as your partner drops the kettle bell, you must stop rowing 50 Burpees, work can only be done while your partner is holding a plate (45/35) in the locked out overhead position, once your partner sets his or her plate down, you must stop doing burpees 50 Thrusters 95/65, work can only be done while your partner is in the pillar position, if your partner breaks the pillar position, you must stop doing thrusters    

Friday 7.25.14

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Caitlin and Ryan gettin' it Also! Don't forget, Saturday is graduation day for our On Rampers! 9:00am is the class they will be at, come introduce yourselves, work out with them, then give them a hard time. A. Every 20 seconds for 6 minutes 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Jerk Notes: No weight for this one, bar only, work technique. B. For Time: Break up however you'd like 80 Sledgehammer strikes (40Left, 40 Right) As heavy as possible 400 Yards Pinch Plate Carry  

Thursday 7.24.14

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A. 10 - 15 Minutes of Kettlebell Snatch Work B.

10 minute time cap:

70/55 Single Arm KB Snatch – 20 reps (10 RT/ 10 LT)

1.5/1 pood KB Step Ups – 20 reps (10 RT/ 10 LT)

Single Arm KB Snatch – 14 reps (7 RT/ 7 LT)

KB Step Ups – 14 reps (7 RT/ 7 LT)

Single Arm DB PS – 8 reps (4 RT/ 4 LT)

KB Step Ups – 8 reps (4 RT/ 4 LT)

Single Arm DB PS – 4 reps (2 RT/ 2 LT) KB Step Ups – 4 reps (2 RT/ 2 LT) C.

3- 5 Rounds

Vertical Lunge 30 sec RT, 30 sec LT

Dancer 30 sec Middle, 30 sec LT, 30 sec RT

Active Hame String 30 sec RT, 30 sec LT

Wednesday 7-23-14

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A) Jerk - 5x2@70% of 1RM - if 70% feels good after 3 sets, move up (intelligently!) B) OHS - 20 min to find heavy single, then 2x3 @ 80% of that heavy single C) 8 minute abs!! (Twice through for :50 work, :10 transition) 1. Leg lifts 2. Hold plank with foot step outs (left out, right out, left in, right in) 3. Russian twists 4. Butterfly sit-ups

Wednesday 7.23.14

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We've been really lucky to have BlueKrishna Photography capture our athletes and members in and out of the gym. Keep their services in mind the next time you need a professional photographer and 'Like' their Facebook page to show them some love! A. 3-5 Rounds Childs Pose #1 30 seconds Hip Circles - 4 cone drill Spiderman Crawl + Elbow Drop 10 Yards B. 10 Minutes Gymnastics Practice - Ninja Get Up Series Ninja Get up into Squat Ninja Get up into Squat + Vertical Jump Ninja Get up into Squat + Box Jump C. Teams of 3 18 minute amrap 20 Calorie Row Bear Crawl down the turf Sprint Back

Ray Ray’s “Don’t Hate Imitate” Throwdown

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The 2nd Annual Ray Ray Haters Throwdown "Don't Hate, Imitate" This will be a 3 wod day (these wods are scalable to all levels) with teams of 2 (these can be mixed gender teams!) We will host the first wod at the gym, then we will break for lunch and whatever else anyone needs to get together, we will then head to Berrien Springs Michigan to Ray Ray's Wooded area, where you will finish the other two workouts, after that, we will head over to Silver Beach (15 minutes away from his house) For volleyball and food. The schedule above is a tentative schedule based off of how many people will be there, it is subject to change if we get more or less teams signed up. We will run a tight schedule to get people going on that day. What are the wods? If you sign up tonight, you'll get access to the movements in all of the wods periodically through email. If you sign up tomorrow, you won't get an email with the last wod. If you sign up wednesday, you won't know the second wod. If you sign up thursday, you won't know any of the wods ahead of time. So there you are, incentive to get a team of two together and get on this. Sign up below!
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