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Leavin’ shit out

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Hey guys Lets have some Fun People are leaving shit out Like...a lot of shit bands, bars, balls, boxes, jump ropes, etc If you leave something out this month. Your name goes up on the chalkboard next time you come in Funishment For the whole class What kind of Funishment? That will be determined by the coach for that class you come in to #putyourshitaway #please      

Thursday 7.17.14

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A. Squat 4rm Compare to your 8rm here ---- or your 6rm here  Based off  of your percentages to aim for on your 4rm today If you have a 8rm, shoot for 107% or more of your 8rm for your 4rm If you have a 6rm, this number will be a little more accurate, shoot for 105% or more of your 6rm Click the links above to see if you have a previously set number for any of these. B. "Helen" 3 Rounds Run 400m 21 Kettlebell Swings *American 55/35 12 Pull Ups  

Wednesday 7-16-14

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A)  Push press - 4x3@80% - focus on driving off the shoulders! B)  1 snatch balance + 2 OHS - 15 min to work up to the hheaviest set possible C)  Every 1:30 x 10 rounds -- 3 push jerks, 3 burpee over plate, 10-15sec static leg hold (6in off ground) - extra credit if you hold your arms overhead

Wednesday 7.16.14

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A) 3 - 5 Rounds 10yd Cocky Walks 10yd High Skips 10yd Low Skips 10yd High Knees   B) 3 - 5 Rounds 1 Min Leg Cradle + Twist (Open/Closed Side) 30 sec IT-Band Slow Twisting Kick 30 sec Side Pillar + Hip Tap (Rt/Lt)   C) 3 - 5 Rounds Snatch Complex Pause at Hang, Power Snatch from Hang + Overhead Squat Pause below knee, pause at hang, Power Snatch from hang + Overhead Squat Pause in Start, Pause Below Knee + Pause at hang + Power Snatch from hang + Overhead Squat 30 sec Scap Pull Ups 30 sec Child's Pose Straight Arm 30 sec Child's Pose Moose Antler