Individual Design

What is Individual Design (ID)?

Our Individual Design is programming that is built for a specific person and their specific goals and needs - it can be done remotely, or in-house. Here at CrossFit South Bend, we take this a step further. We not only design a specific training program for each individual but we also provide lifestyle, nutrition, and mentality coaching to get people to their specific goals, whether it is general fitness, strength or aesthetics training, or sport specific training.

Each Individual Design Client moves through this process

An Assessment

  • How does this person move (this is very important for exercise selection). This is why our clients go through a comprehensive assessment before being prescribed their individual program.
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your priorities and values?
  • What does a typical day look like for you and what changes can we make to get you closer to hitting your goals?
  • Body Composition Assessment through our Inbody scanner. This is important data to see where you are now. We use the In-Body 270 to start with data such as Muscle Mass, Body Fat %, Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • Work capacity testing based on your goals.

A Training Program

Specific to your goals and assessment. Is your main goal to lose 20lbs or to drop 10% bodyfat? Your program will probably include a proper weight training progression and easy aerobic work. You will probably not need anaerobic work that leaves you on the floor (stress=high cortisol=high probability of bodyfat GAIN). You will probably not need to snatch and clean & jerk (to specifically lose weight or bf%).

Is your goal to be a competitive athlete in the sport of CrossFit? We will take you through a movement screen and a comprehensive assessment where we will collect data such as rep maxes, gymnastic testing, energy system testing and sport-specific testing to paint a clear picture for you as to where you are and create a periodized training protocol to close the gap.

It doesn't matter if your goals are general fitness or competing in Powerlifting, we've got a program for you.

Training Program (TrueCoach)

  • Regular Inbody or Aesthetic measurements as needed
  • As Needed Movement Assessments
  • Flexibility to choose from all Open Gym hours if in house
  • Weekly Q&A through online application TrueCoach
  • Lift video reviews as needed
  • Monthly one on one consultations
  • Online workout delivery and performance tracking through
  • TrueCoach
  • Lifestyle and nutrition check-in and upgrades
  • A complete and comprehensive program tailored to your current abilities, lifestyle and goals

One Coach, One Client

We believe in fitness. We believe that ID is a very ideal method of training when the end-game is to reach specific goals, longevity, and fulfillment. We believe that fitness goes beyond what happens during training sessions, it bleeds into and can upgrade all aspects of our lives.

- Team CrossFit South Bend