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Ray Ray’s “Don’t Hate Imitate” Throwdown

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The 2nd Annual Ray Ray Haters Throwdown "Don't Hate, Imitate" This will be a 3 wod day (these wods are scalable to all levels) with teams of 2 (these can be mixed gender teams!) We will host the first wod at the gym, then we will break for lunch and whatever else anyone needs to get together, we will then head to Berrien Springs Michigan to Ray Ray's Wooded area, where you will finish the other two workouts, after that, we will head over to Silver Beach (15 minutes away from his house) For volleyball and food. The schedule above is a tentative schedule based off of how many people will be there, it is subject to change if we get more or less teams signed up. We will run a tight schedule to get people going on that day. What are the wods? If you sign up tonight, you'll get access to the movements in all of the wods periodically through email. If you sign up tomorrow, you won't get an email with the last wod. If you sign up wednesday, you won't know the second wod. If you sign up thursday, you won't know any of the wods ahead of time. So there you are, incentive to get a team of two together and get on this. Sign up below!
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Monday 7-21-14

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A) Snatch pull + hang snatch from hip - 5x2@80% of snatch B) 3-position Snatch DL (floor, below knee, mid thigh) Every :45 for 8 rounds @100% of 1RM C) Front squat - Tempo - - 32x1 D) Row 500m, 30 Kbs, 30 kb pp (15R, 15L) 55/35# You guys have been kicking a$$ lately. Keep up the awesome work!

Derrick Johnson Seminar @ Switch Crossfit

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Hey guys! We got a little email in our inboxes, and we wanted to help a fellow CF Gym and get word our for their seminar, take it away Matt! -B My name is Matt Krakowski and I am the owner of Switch CrossFit in Clinton Township. I wanted to let you know about an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar we are hosting with Derrick Johnson on September 13th. If you aren’t familiar with Derrick Johnson he is an American Record Holder and National Champion as a weightlifter himself. As a coach he has coached National Champions, International Weightlifters and Olympians. You can find his bio Here. This seminar will be from Noon to 5pm on September 13th and will be a tremendous opportunity to develop as an athlete or coach. In addition to in depth technique coaching Derrick will also cover injury prevention, mobility and stability. The cost for the 5hr seminar is $200 and you can register at or by clicking the link on the attached flyer. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please let me know. Matt Krakowski Owner, Switch CrossFit Derrick Johnson Seminar Details