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Thursday, 07.10.14

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T. RICE CONDITIONING TEST Complete: Three (3) 300 yard Shuttle Runs

Rest 5 minutes between efforts.

*Six (6) 50 yard shuttles To Pass Conditioning Test: *less than 200 lbs – 60 seconds and below *200 lbs-250 lbs – 65 seconds and below *greater than 250 lbs – 70 seconds and below


Squat 3×5 (add 5 lbs to last workout) Bench 3×5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)


Front Squat 8×3 @ 75% of final set of 5 from last Thursday Bench Press 5 RM

Wednesday 7-9-14

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A) Push press - <<start these sets close to your 3RM from 2 weeks ago B) Jerk - Start @ 60%, continue working up in 3-5% increments until you are no longer hitting your appropriate foot position / form breaks down C) OHS - 5x3 @ 90% of snatch (try to increase, even if by 2-5#, from 2 weeks ago) D) 3 rounds: 20 jackknives, 15 banded good mornings, 10 Russian twists (R+L=1)

Wednesday 7.9.14

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A. 4 Rounds Clean Complex (5 Deadlifts + 5 RDLs just below knee + 5 Muscle Cleans from top of the knee + 5 Push Presses + 5 Back Squats) 30 Sec Scap Pull Ups 30 Sec Straight Arm Childs Pose 30 Sec Moose Antler Childs Pose 300m Row 300m Shuttle ( 50yds down and back x3) Note: This is done In teams of 2, each partner will complete the movement before for moving on to the next one. Only one partner works at a time For the complex: Start with the bar and if they can add weight do so, but the movement still needs to be snappy. You shouldn't be trying to max out on this complex. Light weight. Understand the reason you are doing this complex is for technique work, treat it as such.