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At CrossFit South Bend, we want to share and celebrate each of our victories. We’re honored to be your box of choice. Share your success story, and we’ll pass it on to everyone else in our ever-growing CrossFit family as inspiration to keep pushing forward.
  • Angie and Amy

    Amy lost 18lbs, had better digestion, had a 75% reduction in her psoriasis, her clothes feel better, her heartburn is 100% better, headaches are way better, and she has better endurance during workouts. Angie had better-looking skin, better quality sleep, went down a size in clothes, afternoon slump isn’t as slumpy anymore, she doesn’t feel as bloated, she has better poops (of course), less back fat, got better at cooking and acquired magical powers.

  • Timika

    Timika did an amazing job with our 90-day nutrition coaching program. She really put a lot of effort into it, and the results speak for themselves. She’s back in her pre-baby clothes. She’s even back in the clothes she was wearing before she got married. Her cravings improved significantly. Even more importantly, she feels confident that she can eat this way the vast majority of the time for the rest of her life, which is fantastic.

  • Lauren

    Lauren lost 17lbs, a healthy, sustainable amount of weight to lose. She lost an inch off her waist, and 3.5 inches off her hips. She also did all of this while being a vegetarian and someone who drives at least 500 miles a week for work. She reduced her cravings, increased her energy, improved her mood, and cleared up her skin. Lauren did an awesome job with our 90-day nutrition coaching program, and she’s living proof that driving a lot for work is not an excuse for not eating healthy. Congrats, Lauren on all your amazing success!!

  • Taylor J: Selecting A New Product

    I moved to South Bend for a one year graduate program at Notre Dame. I had been crossfitting for 3 years prior and knew I wanted to join a gym. I chose CFSB because of the diverse number of classes they offered and it was probably the best decision I made during my year in South Bend…Click here to read more


  • CrossFit Kids: Purpose in everything you do in life

    Want to see what people are saying about our CrossFit Kids Camps? Click the video to check it out!

  • Jenn H:What I Am Capable Of

    My story begins with another embarrassing physical fitness test failure for the military. It was hard to pinpoint why I failed again. I have been working out, the usual stuff at the usual gym. Days divided up by body part and a grueling 45 minutes to an hour on the (insert whatever cardio torture machine here). Barely passing or failure has been my fitness history, and I was miserable. My workout routine was boring however necessary, year after year, it was the same thing but different gym…Click here to read more of Jenn’s Story


  • Kate’s Story-Sometimes a Perfect Diet isn’t Enough

    In Kate’s case, there was an underlying digestive imbalance that was leading to a number of Kate’s main complaints. After trying everything else here’s what happened when Kate did the protocol to restore digestive balance…

  • Robert Mischler, Basketball player at Cornell University

    Going into the Strength &Conditioning program, I didn’t know what to expect because a lot of the movements and lifts were new to me. What I got out of the program beat my expectations tenfold. Not only was I able to train with my brother every day, but Carl and Brandon provided me and the other trainees the expertise needed to perform each exercise and lift to the best of our abilities. They were very personable and took the time to teach each athlete correct techniques while pushing us to be at our best. I made huge strides in my overall strength, explosiveness, and quickness in the short, ten weeks of training to the point when I got back to school, my Strength & Conditioning coach asked me, “What did you do this summer?” The Summer S&C training camp was a great experience all around and I’ll be back again this summer to do it again.

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  • Zach’s Story, Rugby player at University of Arizona

    What brought me to CFSB to train was pressure from my rugby coach to become a better athlete, he saw some athletic potential in me but I needed some way to unlock that potential. Carl Case is one of our conditioning coaches for the Penn Rugby team and he also is a trainer at CFSB so that helped draw me to this gym and program instead of other programs. The training was different than the traditional ways of strength training I was used to because of the exercise split but it is aimed at making you a better athlete and that’s exactly what it does. The conditioning work is brutal, but well worth it and gives you a great feeling of accomplishment after you grind through one. All of my athletic accomplishments are due to training at CFSB and in the strength and con ditioning program. I was never the fastest runner, most agile, or the quickest guy on any of my teams, but that was before I went through this program. I am now much quicker and have a much better step. I remember one play my junior year in specific, where I was very near to the out of bounds line and I made a quick step and remained in bounds and ran in for a score, after that I looked at Coach Carl and attributed that to his training. I started coming into CFSB my sophomore year and after that season and my junior year I made the all-state team and before CFSB there was no chance I would have made a high level team like that. I have gained, speed, strength and power through this program that I can attribute to all of my on field successes.


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