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Monday 7-7-14

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Today starts our third programming cycle! We will be focusing on pulling (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and combinations of those) this month, but we won't stray far from the speed under the bar work we have been hitting hard over the past month. Awesome job to all of you who hit some new PRs last weekend! If you were unable to make it Saturday, can you let me know your numbers/new maxes? I'm keeping a record to try to track your progress. A1) Heaving snatch balance - <<try to end close to 1RM snatch A2) Snatch DL, 3 seconds down, snatch pull - 2@95%, 100%, 105%, 110% B) Front squat - 5x5 @ 75, 75, 80, 80, 85% of 1RM ** perform 1 Spider-Man complex each leg during rest period between each set C1) 6 min AMRAP: 5 ring rows, 5 push-ups C2) 3 min dead bug work as a group (group bonding, because I'm into that)

Saturday 7-5-14

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Max out day! 15-20min warm-up (feel free to get here early to do your own as well) 3 attempts to find your 1RM Snatch 3 attempts to find your 1RM Clean and Jerk I'll be taking videos again so we can compare to last time! Bring an idea of where you'd like to start and your anticipated 1RM. It's gameday, peeps!