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MONDAY, 06.24.13

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Sorry for the late post everyone. Long weekend and the post slipped my mind

SWOD Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout) Press 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

DWOD Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes: 30 Overhead Walking Lunge w/ 45 lb plate 15 Ring Dips *Ring Dips need to be done with Retracted and Depressed shoulders *Plate has to be locked overhead with straight arms. *15 lunges with the right leg, 15 lunges with the left leg. *Back knee has to touch the ground to count as a rep.

FRIDAY, 06.21.13

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SWOD Power Clean 5x3 (add 2.5lbs to last workout) Strict Chin Ups 3 x max reps

DWOD Death By Plate Touches with a 2 Burpee Buy In Perform 1 Plate Touches the 1st minute, 2 Plate Touches the 2nd minute, 3 Plate Touches the 3rd minute and so on until you cannot complete the required reps within the minute. *At the top of each and every minute do 2 burpees before starting your Plate Touches. Focus on landing flat footed, toes forward and in the athletic position throughout your burpees. *Use a 25-45lb Plate

THURSDAY, 06.19.13

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DWOD Complete 4-6 reps: 60 Yard Pro Long Shuttle *Long Shuttle: From a starting line, a player runs 5 yards straigh ahead and back pedals to the starting line, then 10 yards and back, then 15 yards and back. They must bend down and touch the line at each 5, 10, 15 yard intervals. You end up with a total of 6 touches and 60 yards. *Warm up as needed and you have 4-6 efforts to find your fastest pro long shuttle *These are Max Efforts so we will be resting until full recovery. Treat this like you are going for a Squat 3RM

SWOD Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout) Bench 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

TUESDAY, 06.18.13

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SWOD Deadlift 5 RM (add 10 lbs to last workout) 50 Evil Wheels after the DWOD

DWOD Complete 3 rounds: 1 Muscle Clean then a Push Press...2 Muscle Cleans then 2 Push Presses...3 Muscle Cleans then 3 Push Presses and so on until you can not complete the progression. *Once you fail, rest 3-4 minutes, decide if you went too heavy or too light, adjust the weight if need be and try to beat your previous rounds. *Each muscle clean must start on the ground. *Video of Muscle Clean

MONDAY, 06.17.13

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CFSB Repping 5 Teams at the Crossfit Football Power Athlete Team Series. Everyone did amazing, there were PRs a plenty, and Mike/Annie/Caitlin/Andrew took home 2nd place for CFSB. I am so proud of everyone. Hopefully next year when it comes around we can rep even more teams. I Truly feel blessed to have all of you apart of the gym! If anyone of you have videos of your lifts or someone else's PLEASE email them to me

SWOD Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout) Press 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

DWOD 7 Minutes Left, Down by 6 Complete 2 rounds: 1 minute - Max Rep 50 lbs DB Push Press Rest 1 minute 1 minute - Max Rep 50 lbs Weighted Pull Ups Rest 1 minute 1 minute - Row for Calories Rest 1 minute 1 minute - Max Rep Burpees *Rest 1 minute between rounds.