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MONDAY, 6.10.13

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I know the picture quality isn't the best, but that is Rich Froning way out in front of everyone on the hundreds workout. He ended up taking 4, 1st place finishes. This was my first time at Regionals and it did not disappoint.

SWOD 3 RM Max Height Box Jump (landing about parallel)

DWOD 10,000 lbs Lift 10,000 lbs as fast as possible using only one rep of the following: 1 Squat 1 Press 1 Deadlift *You can use any weight on the lifts and it can be done in any amount of rounds. You can only do one rep at a time and must cycle through all three lifts to complete one round. *The goal is to lift 10,000 lbs as fast as possible.

We may have to get a little creative with this workout. We will figure out the logistics at class

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FRIDAY, 06.07.13

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SWOD Power Clean 5x3 (add 2.5lbs to last workout)

DWOD Complete 5 rounds: 2 Snatch pulls Rest 30 seconds 10 Lateral 20" box jump Rest 30 seconds *Focus on achieving triple extension on snatch pull and pulling the bar as high as you can without breaking extension *For lateral box jump, start from the athletic position and jump laterally to the top of the box landing in an athletic position. *Step down from the box

THURSDAY, 06.06.13

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Good luck this weekend at Regionals Caitlin! We know you will do a great job representing CFSB!

Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout)
Bench 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

5 Rounds:
50 lbs DB Hang Power Cleans + Push Press, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds
50 pound Weighted Pull-ups, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds
Burpees, 15 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

Warm Up, Warm Up
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TUESDAY, 06.04.13

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SWOD Deadlift 5 RM (add 10 lbs to last workout) Strict Pull Ups 3 x max reps

DWOD Complete 2 rounds for time: 50 Sledge Hammer Strikes LT 50 Sledgehammer Strikes RT One Arm Farmer Walk 50 yards RT One Arm Farmer Walk 50 yards LT *Rest 2 minutes between rounds *Use between a 12 -20 lbs sledgehammer. *Go as heavy as possible for farmer carry.

MONDAY, 06.03.13

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Sorry for the late post everyone. It was a long weekend coaching at the CFFB Cert, and got back late last night.

SWOD Squat 3x5 (add 5 lbs to last workout) Press 3x5 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

DWOD Complete 4 rounds: Complete the following cycle 7 times:

Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Rack Jerk Rest 90 seconds between rounds

*Do not drop the weight. Stay connected through the round. *If weight is dropped, count number of drops and perform an equal amount of burpees as a penalty. *Work up the heaviest weight possible.