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Sunday 5.18.14

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“Beat the Coach 1.2″

Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes:

1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 225/150#

Notes: To “Beat the Coach” the Rx weight is 225/150# (you must perform all 20 reps with this weight). If you cannot finish the work with this weight try to use the heaviest possible for the entire piece. Your score is the weight that is on the bar when you finish. If you remove weight you MAY NOT add it back on.

Friday 5.16.14

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Don’t forget! its Bring A friend Day tomorrow!


Power Clean Touch and Go Skill work


Power Clean TNG


For time: reps can be partitioned however you’d like.

50 Chin Ups

50 Ball Slams

50 Hollow Rocks

and remember, I am giving everyone until Sunday May 18th to start moving to the new blog! Thats when the final post will be! Click here to start checking out the new blog, and don’t forget to resubscribe at the bottom of the page!


Thursday 5.15.14

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Don’t forget, this Saturday is Bring a friend day at Crossfit South Bend!


7 Sets

Barbell Primal Complex

Squat +Lunge + Lunge + Step Up + Step Up + Reverse Lunge + Reverse Lunge + Squat

Click here for a video


2 Rounds

90 seconds to perform

200m run

max kettlebell swings with the time remaining 55/35 *American

90 seconds to perform

200m run

max burpees in time remaining

rest 3 minutes


Wednesday 5.14.14

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30 Minute amrap – not for score

500m Row

5 Chin Ups

30 Second Pillar

20 Yard Handstand Walk

50 Jump Rope Singles


Move through at a comfortable pace, we will not be keeping score with this one, we want everyone going through it at a recovery pace.

30 Shoulder Taps will be the substitution for the Handstand Walk


Monday 5.12.14

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Olympic Weightlifting Class Begins today! Excited to see this class get under way!


Push Press 3rm


“Newport Crippler”

30 Back Squats @ Bodyweight

Run 1 Mile


Figure out your bodyweight prior to coming into the gym – If you are sensitive about your bodyweight, know that we don’t give a shit what it is, we love you how you are ;)But if you are going to scale, use a percentage based off of current bodyweight, something you feel is hard for 5, you could do 10 if you needed to, but impossible for 15.


Thanks for an amazing 5 years guys, here is a picture of Carl and I romantically feeding each other Cake. Click here for the video of it going down, lol