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Thursday 6.19.14

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3 Rounds

Each Set will be done at the top of a 3 minute mark

7 Squats @ 70% of Squat 1rm
7 Squats @ 75% of Squat 1rm
5 Squats @ 80% of Squat 1rm
5 Squats @ 85% of Squat 1rm

These are Tempo Squats @ 30X1 (3 Seconds down, 0 at the bottom, as fast as possible up, 1 second at the top)
These Squats are also very aggressive if you have pretty close to a true 1rm. If you do not get all of the squats in that set, rack it for that set and note the number of squats performed.


50 Russian Twists (1L + 1R = 1 Twist)
Every time you break perform 10R/10L Kelso Shrugs

Click here for a video of Kelso Shrugs

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