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Monday 6.16.14

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So, Em Clem and Carl chalkboard painted the entire wall. It looks awesome doesn’t it? Its not ready yet though! so don’t write on it! yet…also, don’t stretch on it or touch it.

You know what, don’t even look at it yet.

I’m sorry, I was in a bad place when I said that last comment

you can look at it

just don’t write on it.


Squat 1rm

*Come in with a game plan today on what you want your sets to be. Click here to compare to old results


10 minutes to accumulate as much time as possible in an L-hang. Every time you break from the bar, perform 14 rotational ball slams.

click here to watch a video about rotational ball slams

click here to watch a video about L-hang and possible scalings

If you cannot perform any of the above scalings, perform a pillar for max time within the 10 minutes.

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