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Party Post Details!

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Crossfit South Bends 5 Year anniversary



Saturday May 10th @ 5:00pm – 11:00pm



Outpost sports on Grape Rd



Its a potluck! It does NOT have to be paleo. Bring whatever you want. 30 bags of Doritos, I don’t care.

I do care. I love Doritos

Spicy Nacho.


Beer?! Alcohol?

They have a cash bar there with beer on tap and plenty of bottled beer.

TIP YOUR BARTENDER, Lets make it worth her time so they may want to have us back ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t be a D-bag, alcohol stays around the seating area, not in the parking lot or in the volleyball area.



Don’t park in front of the Outpost ย sports building, park in the main parking lot away from the building, they don’t like that.



We will be setting up a Blind Draw Tournament, its sand volleyball. So get your Top Gun outfit and lets get to work.


Other stuff.

If you want to bring games, or cards, or whatever, you can bring what you want. Do it.

There is an indoor/outdoor seating area with plenty of seating for everyone. So no worries, bring your family and kids ๐Ÿ˜€



Its supposed to be 72 and Sunny

wear sunscreen

I think thats what you are supposed to do when the sun is out.

I forgot because the sun hasn’t been out in years.


Post questions to comments if you have any!

Saturday 5.10.14

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5 minutes double under practice

8 Rounds

15 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Max effort double unders


Team Kalsu – 26 minute cap

5 Burpees EMOM

100 Thrusters 135/95

Notes: Alternating minutes with a partner, at the top of each minute perform 5 burpees and with your remaining time accumulate as many thrusters as possible until you hit 100 total Thrusters, or the time cap.


The Party Starts today @ 5:00pm! Click here to add yourself to the mix!

The first class ever at CFSB, 5:30am. I’ve posted it every year around this time.

5 Years later. A lot of work. A lot of friends. I met my wife here. My son is growing up here. My best friends are all here.


I had someone ask me a question about a year ago, a question that has been stuck in my head since then.

“You guys have been open a while now, how is your dream job going?”

I replied;

“Meh, its good, just a lot of work”

I’m not sure what I was doing, but I think I was running around doing busywork.

I took a few steps toward the office and I thought about the question again, and I knew that was the wrong way to respond to that.

Of course it is, so is just about anything worth doing. If you aren’t being challenged, why even bother?


“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”

-T.S. Eliot


I would like to elaborate on my answer.

As much work as owning your own business is, and as stressful as it can be at times. Its still #firstworldproblems

I cannot see myself ever doing anything else with my life.


Carl and I have been doing CrossFit since around 2007, and coaching for a little over 5 years each.

I recall telling Carl, if this whole CrossFit thing goes under, I will be going back to my garage, and I will make a living training people out of my garage.

I don’t think I’ll ever wind up working for anyone ever again.

Coaching athletes is an amazing job. The training is fun. The business and back of the house work is tedious but challenging. The creative control over what I am doing with the business keeps me enthralled.


The people are what make a CrossFit gym what it is, you don’t really get it until you become a part of it. Google “CrossFit” and “Community” and its almost as much of a buzzword as “Paleo” or “Gluten Free”


Past members still have a lingering effect on the way I run my business. They have all shaped the direction of this gym whether they know it or not.


When I first started coaching I had decided the way I wanted to run this gym, or at least conduct myself during the day to day operations.


I wanted a place I could be myself, and a place where likeminded people would come along

Coaches and members alike.


For 5 years I’ve asked the same question to people when they walk in the door

They sit down, and I ask.

What are you looking for? What are your goals?


In 5 years I’ve never had anyone respond.


“I’m looking for a community of unique, beautiful, amazing people from all walks of life that will become my close friends. ”

“I’d like them to be supportive and caring when I fail.”

“I would like for them to challenge me to grow and learn as a person”

“I want to thrive as a human being along side these people.”


They never respond that way. They want to get more “Fit” and “Toned”

But they will figure it out.

That looking, feeling, and performing better are just a wonderful byproduct of this gym.

Getting in shape brings people in.

Its the Community that keeps us all together.

Its why the doors are still open.

and why I am still here banging on this keyboard.














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