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Wednesday 5-21-14

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CONGRATULATIONS ADAM and WELCOME BABY PEARL!!! We are all so happy for you two! ūüôā


A)  Snatch Р1.1.1.1

Then: 5×2 at 70%, rest 2:00-2:30 between sets.

**focusing on just the snatch today– trying to get quite a few reps under the bar and work up to a heavy single. Then, we’ll drop in weight and hit some working sets.


B)  Split jerk Р2.2.2

Front Squat – 3×5 (try to increase from last week’s 5×5 at 70%)


C)  15 jack knives, 15x3second Superman holds Р4 sets


**IMPORTANT REMINDER:  No class next Monday 5/26 on Memorial Day. Come do Murph with the rest of the gym! There will be partner options, so come on out and have fun with your fellow CFSBers.

Monday 5-19-2014

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A.  Power snatch + Hang Power Snatch (from power position)  Р(1+1) x 5

2 Power cleans + 1 Jerk  Р5 sets, increasing in weight if technically sound


B. ¬†Overhead Squat – 5 x 3 at 75% of 1RM (if you don’t have a 1RM, 5 x 3 at a weight where you can hit at or below parallel)


C1.  Standing DB crunches (25 each side x 2 sets)

Saturday 5-17-2014

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A. Snatch pull x 2 + Snatch — (2 snatch pulls + 1 snatch = 1 rep), work up to heavy but perfect set

Power clean


B. Back squat 3×3 –22X1 (2 seconds down, 2 seconds at bottom, stand up, 1 second rest at top)¬†***First set at 60% of your 1RM back squat, increase by feel

2 Push press + 2 Push jerk – (2+2) x 4 — work up to challenging set of 2, repeat that challenging set x 3


C. ¬†GHD sit-ups & back extensions — 2x alternating sets of 10 each

Wednesday 5-14-2014

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Awesome work Monday, you guys! I’m looking forward to getting to work with you all a whole lot more.


A.  Clean & jerk Рincrease by feel Р3.


B. ¬†Front squat ¬†5×5 @ 70%


C1. ¬†Good mornings 5×5 ¬†– weight on this is up to you as long as you adhere to the requirements mentioned in class

C2. 30 second plank, 30 seconds Russian twists – 6x

C3. 1000m row — alternating 15 hard pulls, 15 easy pulls

Monday 5-12-2014

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A.  Snatch Рincrease by feel Р2.2.2.2

Hang clean (from power position, dead stop) – 3×3


B. ¬†Push press – 3×5 (of 1RM. If you don’t have a 1RM, work up to something challenging for 5 and try to hit it for all 3 sets.)

Back squat – 3×5 @ 70% of 1RM


C.  30 single leg jack knives (R + L = 1 rep)


–> ¬†OK, this will be the general format of our daily activities. We’ll always start with the Oly lifts first as they are the most the most technical. We will back squat twice as often as we front/OH squat. Most days we will end with an accessory movement complex/WOD.

Class starts Monday!!

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Monday is the big day!! I hope you’re as excited as I am to get rolling with the Olympic Weightlifting class. We will begin each day with a general warm-up and mobility exercises, then we’ll get down to business. The majority of each class will be spent on the snatch, clean & jerk, and their numerous variations. This is a time to refine your Oly skills, ask questions, and (hopefully!) see some major improvement in your lifts.

If you don’t already have one, try to find a log book of some sort.¬†The first several weeks will be “strength by feel”, meaning you’ll increase in weight as long as you can maintain good technique. After the first max out day (~week 4), we’ll be able to work with percentages. It will be important (and fun, if you’re into that whole “getting better” thing) to watch your numbers increase as time goes on. You’ll appreciate where you end up in both technique and numbers significantly more if you know where you started! It may also be a good idea to jot down how your lifts felt at the end of the day (i.e. “bottom of the snatch felt unsteady”, “repeated press-outs on the jerk, may start at a lower weight next time”, or “I kicked major a$$ at the C&J today, I deserve ice cream”).

Feel free to use this blog as your sounding board. Ask questions, suggest answers, support each other. It is a continuous work in progress. I will continue to compile resources on the Resources page, but feel free to post a good one if you find it! If you find out about an Olympic weightlifting competition nearby or a cool seminar or a sweet video, feel free to share!

I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for a post of the first day’s events. See you all on Monday, 6:30PM.