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Fry Wall + Halloween Dogs

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In this video we talk about one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the fry wall. It's a great way to keep your stove top from getting grease splatter on it, and it's a great way to keep leafy greens from falling out of the pan. But, in reality, that's really all a pretext to show your our dog's halloween costumes :) We've got Remi (yellow), Rocket (black), and Jäger (brown) all dressed as ghostbusters for Halloween, with Lila (silver lab puppy) as the ghost/skeleton for Halloween.

Winter Sports Performance – Dylan

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Click here to check out CrossFit South Bend's Winter Sports Performance Camp I came to Crossfit South Bend’s Sports Performance Camp as a Freshman, because I was not seeing the results I wanted to on the field or in the weight room. I had several friends from my Rugby team that were attending Crossfit South Bend and working with coach Carl Case. They all had terrific things to say about Crossfit South Bend and the improvement it has made on their athletic ability. I also noticed the change in their confidence level, so I decided to give it a try.  My first thoughts were immediately that I loved the gym. I left the class each day feeling great, and was excited every night I went to bed waiting for the next sessions. I never wanted to miss a day because I loved the atmosphere so much. I liked being around coach Carl, I loved getting better, and I loved the motivation given by all the coaches as well as everyone else at the gym. Nothing has changed, I despise missing class, I like getting better, and I love the support system. The feeling has gotten stronger and I feel the need to give back to the gym. I’ve gotten awards for most Improved on my Rugby team that have a direct correlation to my work that was put in at the gym. I’ve had division one colleges scout me for Rugby such as Davenport, Lindenwood-Bellville, and the Ivy League school Brown University.  My athletic abilities have seen a dramatic increase in the past several years. I have gotten stronger, faster, and have obtained great cardio. What is your favorite part of the Sports Performance Program? My favorite part of the Sports Performance Program was seeing results. As someone who loves to get better and see results that was something I was able to do very often.  There isn’t any other way I would have wanted to spend my Summers. I gained the confidence and athletic ability needed to be a great athlete and person. The coaches for this camp are people that make your day better, and are always willing to help. They are very patient and knowledgeable.   

Winter Sports Performance – Ian’s Story

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Click here to learn more about our Winter Sports Performance Class During my Freshman year of highschool, a few of my rugby friends persuaded me to try out the Crossfit South Bend’s Sports Performance Program. I had never really took working out too seriously before this, so I gave it a shot because I knew it could be fun with all my friends that worked out there, and I needed the training with the rugby season coming up. My first impressions on the program was that it was way more beneficial for me than I thought it was going to be. My parents worked out at Crossfit many years ago and I remember how exhausted and sore they used to be coming home from doing a hundred pushups and running a few miles. Our camp does push us to the limits, but since it is a Sports Performance Camp, we work out in ways that made us all around stronger and more athletic, instead of just doing a big muscle straining workout.   The longer I went to the camp, the closer everyone became and Coach Carl became a good friend of us all. Everyone had fun and we enjoyed seeing each other everyday for a workout that we knew would make us better. From these exercises, I was able to lift and run like I never used to, and the gains from the Sports Performance Camp travelled to my game in rugby, making me more agile and stronger on the field. Week after week, lifting more and more and hitting your max was something everyone looked forward to and from the consistent training and repetition we were able to perfect lifts like squats, deadlifts, power lifts, etc. Along with Carl training us to become stronger, quicker, and more athletic, he also taught many things about fueling our bodies, recovery methods, foods to avoid and eat, and much more about living the healthiest lifestyle we can.  Crossfit South Bend’s Sports Performance Camp was essential for me reaching my goals throughout highschool. Each year of Crossfit helped me with each year of rugby, and I was able to accomplish what I wanted to on the team and on the field with the help of the camp. My favorite part from my four years of Crossfit was the fact that my friends and I were able to have a fun time, but still achieve the incredible workout that we were seeking for. Crossfit South Bend’s Sports Performance Camp is a way for you to make friends and push yourself to become the athlete that you want to be, no matter what sport you’re training for.  Click here to learn more about our Winter Sports Performance Class
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CFSB Nutrition-Tyler’s Story

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In this video we talk with Tyler about his experience with our one-on-one coaching. During our program Tyler was finishing up his MBA program at Grand Valley State, while working in the field of sustainability at Inovateus Solar. Needless, Tyler was and is a busy man. Yet, he still found time to dedicate to improving his health because he fundamentally believes that when body, mind and spirit are all healthy and in line everything else in life falls into place. During Tyler's program -he had better energy -less stress -he gained more control over his food choices -he had fewer cravings -he dedicated himself to truly improving his overall We're super proud of you Tyler and all your accomplishments!

CFSB Sports Performance – All Around Threat

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Click here to check out our Upcoming Sports Performance Camp Details I started going to CrossFit South Bend’s Sports performance program the summer going into eighth grade. I simply thought it would be a great way to stay in shape, build strength and speed as well as get to know a coach that I would play rugby under at the high school level. My first impressions shocked me because as an eighth grader I hadn’t lifted weights that often and wasn’t entirely confident in myself, however as the program carried on confidence came as well. My favorite part of the program wasn't working out but the bond that was formed by all the guys that worked out in the program. It introduced me to people and encouraged competition which makes things more fun.  The program helped me become more aware of my actions and how to be more explosive and dynamic while running and kicking the ball.  I was more conscious in how my body moved on the field, and how not to waste little bits of energy that make the difference late in games, which in turn made me a better player than I was. It turned me into a threat all round. I wasn’t just a threat because of my knowledge of a game. It made me become a threat with ball in hand. Thanks to the Sports performance program I am more confident in my lifting because it teaches proper technique as well as making me conscious on how my body should be feeling before during and after a workout. Since starting the program I can say that I have become a High School All American and traveled with several selected sides as well as being able to continue on in my rugby playing career at Saint Mary’s College of California, a top ranked division 1 school. Without the work and time I put into the program I don’t think I could have accomplished these things. -Cian M Click here to check out our upcoming Sports Performance Camp Details
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How much fat should you eat?

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Is "healthy fat" a contradiction? Far from it. Fat is crucially important for so many different aspects of your health. But from a macros perspective one of the most important things to consider when it comes to fat is that it should be your body's main fuel source for pretty much every daily activity under 70-80% exertion. The most a human can store in glucose (carbs) is a few thousand calories, meanwhile the leanest human body on Earth has hundreds of thousands of calories in fat in storage. The range of fat we can consume ranges from the super low 10-15%, for a super high carb low fat diet like a bodybuilder diet, all the way to the other end of the spectrum with 70-80% of cals coming from fat in a ketogenic diet. Both can work, it just depends what the goal is (weight loss, performance, health, etc.) For most people just looking for general health and wellness somewhere between 40-60% of calories is a good place to start, which amounts to about 100-200g of fat a day for an average adult. Remember that fat has roughly 9 calories per gram unlike protein and carbs which have only 4 calories per gram. Assuming 3 or so meals a day this amounts to 1-4 tablespoons of fat per meal. Remember that there's roughly 14g of fat per tbsp, and that your fat will be coming from the protein you're consuming (e.g., ground beef) but also the oils you use to cook with (e.g., olive oil).

CFSB Winter Sports Program – Johnny Ho

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Click here to learn more about our Winter Sports Performance Program I joined CrossFit South Bend’s sports performance program my freshman year. I had been playing rugby through-out middle school and when I got to High school I was introduced to it through Coach Carl Case a Penn Rugby Coach and CrossFit South Bend coach/owner. All I wanted was to better myself as an athlete on the field. What made the CrossFit South Bend Program the best is that they really focused on me as an individual athlete. The level of focus each coach puts into an athlete is why I was able to get faster, stronger, and smarter. I instantly found myself wanting to workout there more and gained the ambition to perform better, the coaches and the way the program was set up played a huge role in the comfort and will to keep going. The program led me to excel in my sports. Before I knew it I was put into varsity level situations at a young age and I was able to keep up due to the training. Playing rugby and football at a varsity level was no easy task, but I felt more than prepared because of the extra work that I had put in and the extra time the CrossFit South Bend coaches invested in me. Over time I learned to be a more dynamic athlete which helped me prove myself in practice and succeed in games. I was able to play multiple positions with ease rather than just one core position. What makes the program so great and what makes it one of my favorite things to do, is the energy in the gym, everyone there wants to get better for themselves and their teammates, the energy grows while being around friends and coaches who all want the same end goal. To get better.  
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Skinny Fat: A Tale of Two InBody Scans

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What are you made of?
Lots of fat and little muscle, or lots of muscle and little fat.
That's the question the InBody scan answers.
In this video we talk about two adult women who are the exact same weight, and yet person #2 is way healthier and more fit than person #1 because she was way more muscle and way less fat.
Put simply, person #1 is skinny fat. Meaning, they seem skinny because their weight is normal but most of that weight is fat, not muscle.
They both weigh 125lbs.
Interestingly, person 2 is 4 inches shorter than person #1 and yet she's still healthier and more fit at 125lbs.
According to the InBody scan
-Person 1 has lots of fat and little muscle.
-In fact person 1 according to the InBody scan needs to lose 15lbs of fat and gain 11lbs of muscle even though her BMI is excellent according to the height and weight charts.
-If it wasn't clear already BMI is a very problematic measurement because it doesn't take account of the balance of muscle and fat.
Meanwhile person 2
-Has lots of muscle and minimal fat.
-Her InBody is nearly a perfect "0/0" where she has 0lbs of muscle to gain and -3.3lbs of fat to lose.
-Again, you would think because this person is 4 inches shorter weighing 125lbs would be worse for her than person 1, but that's not the case.
What's the moral of the story? Weight, BMI, and height and weight charts have lots of problems. For overall health and fitness what matters is the overall balance of muscle to fat, which a scale can't tell you but an Inbody scanner can.
Interested in seeing what you're made of? You can come on out to CFSB to get an InBody scan to find out your balance of muscle to fat.

CrossFit Open 2020 Details

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It's that time of year! Actually It's a completely different time of year for the CrossFit Open! Now that the CrossFit Open has changed to mid October, we are making a few changes to it as well. Here are a few highlights first, then you can scroll down to the full detailed post! What is the CrossFit Open? During this five-week, five-workout competition, workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. We will be hosting the workout on Saturday's at the gym. What is different this year?
  • Schedule
The Open will be held on a Saturday morning, instead of a Friday night here at the gym.
  • Teams and Points
No Teams this year! We are going to be getting in on Saturday, doing the wod, and having a good time doing it. No points either!
  • Judging
The only people in need of judging are people who have officially signed up for the Open. If you cannot make it on Saturday to get judged, it's your responsibility to watch the standards, understand the setup you need, and video yourself during an open gym time. You'll then submit it online to get judged.
  • Saturday workout options
We will have the Open Rx'd / Scaled options on the board for the open.  We will also have, depending on the workout, a few different modified variations you can perform for the best experience for you. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of the full details.

1. Open Wod Release Dates

To the best of our knowledge, here is the upcoming schedule for the CrossFit Open Workouts RELEASE Wod 1: October 10th Wod 2: October 17th Wod 3: October 24th Wod 4: October 31st Wod 5: November 7th This means that the workout will be held at CrossFit South Bend on the following Saturday after each of these Thursday release dates.

2. Saturday schedule and heats

If you come in on Saturday, you are at the mercy of the Open Workout schedule. Arrive at 8:55am Wod briefing begins at 9:05am Release to prep and warm up 9:20 First Heat Begins 9:40 After that, we will have consecutive heats running end to end, with 5-10 minute buffers between throughout the entire morning, ending at Noon. The heat registration will be first come first serve, how many people we can fit into a heat depend on equipment and space usage.

3. Getting validated if you've registered

You may come in to any of the schedule heats on Saturday morning where there will only be 1-3 registered athletes allowed in each heat - this amount is depending on judge availability. If you cannot make it into a Saturday, you may use any scheduled open gym time to perform your workout, video the workout, and submit it online. This also goes for anyone who wishes to "retest" a workout - this applies to people who have registered online - you must video your attempt, and submit it online to be viewed by an online judge. CFSB Open gym schedule -

4. Notes/FAQ

What if I don't know how to perform a movement? The Saturday Open wods are not a time to learn an entirely movement on the spot. These are a test style format, don't be intimidated by  that - simply choose the best modified workout for you that we will provide you with on the board! Is there a fee to perform the workouts on Saturday? Nope! come in and have fun How do I register? Head here! Be sure to select CrossFit South Bend as your affiliate What are the rules of the open? If you intend on registering, read the open competition rulebook here What are the movement standards for each workout?  You are responsible for reading the workout description and understanding what is required of you before beginning the workout. What if I cannot do the workout on a Saturday? If you have registered for the Open and wish to be validated on any other time other than Saturday it is your responsibility to come in during an Open gym time (your registration will count as an open gym for the duration of the open), video your attempt, and submit it online. If you have not registered for the Open, you must get an open Gym Membership through the duration of the open. What if I don't have an Open Gym Membership?  Your registration will count as your Open Gym fee through the duration of the open, after the open you can choose whether or not to continue your  Open Gym membership. If you haven't registered for the open and wish to perform workouts off to the side - you must get an open gym membership which is $20/month. You may contact to get one of these. What are the rules of open gym?  Class takes priority, you must work around the class to use equipment and space. Speak to a coach to get the best possible outcome, if the Open workout takes an invasive amount of equipment and space you may have to wait to perform your workout.  
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A 30-second guide to off-plan foods

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In this super short video we discuss the ideal three criteria to follow when having completely off plan foods. Ideally, make sure: 1) It's for a food you really care about or that's really worth it 2) The experience is shared with people you really care about. 3) That it's a legitimate special occasion not a random Tuesday At CFSB Nutrition we firmly believe the following three things. 1) There is more to health than food, and there is more to life than health. 2) That being said, there's a gigantic difference between eating whatever you want on a random Tuesday evening because you're stressed from work, and having something you really enjoy once a year on your birthday with friends. 3) No one in the history of humanity ever got fat, sick or diabetic from eating whatever they want just on the single days of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and their birthday, for example. It's not those single days that get us, it's all the days in between.