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CrossFit Open 2020 Details

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It's that time of year! Actually It's a completely different time of year for the CrossFit Open! Now that the CrossFit Open has changed to mid October, we are making a few changes to it as well. Here are a few highlights first, then you can scroll down to the full detailed post! What is the CrossFit Open? During this five-week, five-workout competition, workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. We will be hosting the workout on Saturday's at the gym. What is different this year?
  • Schedule
The Open will be held on a Saturday morning, instead of a Friday night here at the gym.
  • Teams and Points
No Teams this year! We are going to be getting in on Saturday, doing the wod, and having a good time doing it. No points either!
  • Judging
The only people in need of judging are people who have officially signed up for the Open. If you cannot make it on Saturday to get judged, it's your responsibility to watch the standards, understand the setup you need, and video yourself during an open gym time. You'll then submit it online to get judged.
  • Saturday workout options
We will have the Open Rx'd / Scaled options on the board for the open.  We will also have, depending on the workout, a few different modified variations you can perform for the best experience for you. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of the full details.

1. Open Wod Release Dates

To the best of our knowledge, here is the upcoming schedule for the CrossFit Open Workouts RELEASE Wod 1: October 10th Wod 2: October 17th Wod 3: October 24th Wod 4: October 31st Wod 5: November 7th This means that the workout will be held at CrossFit South Bend on the following Saturday after each of these Thursday release dates.

2. Saturday schedule and heats

If you come in on Saturday, you are at the mercy of the Open Workout schedule. Arrive at 8:55am Wod briefing begins at 9:05am Release to prep and warm up 9:20 First Heat Begins 9:40 After that, we will have consecutive heats running end to end, with 5-10 minute buffers between throughout the entire morning, ending at Noon. The heat registration will be first come first serve, how many people we can fit into a heat depend on equipment and space usage.

3. Getting validated if you've registered

You may come in to any of the schedule heats on Saturday morning where there will only be 1-3 registered athletes allowed in each heat - this amount is depending on judge availability. If you cannot make it into a Saturday, you may use any scheduled open gym time to perform your workout, video the workout, and submit it online. This also goes for anyone who wishes to "retest" a workout - this applies to people who have registered online - you must video your attempt, and submit it online to be viewed by an online judge. CFSB Open gym schedule -

4. Notes/FAQ

What if I don't know how to perform a movement? The Saturday Open wods are not a time to learn an entirely movement on the spot. These are a test style format, don't be intimidated by  that - simply choose the best modified workout for you that we will provide you with on the board! Is there a fee to perform the workouts on Saturday? Nope! come in and have fun How do I register? Head here! Be sure to select CrossFit South Bend as your affiliate What are the rules of the open? If you intend on registering, read the open competition rulebook here What are the movement standards for each workout?  You are responsible for reading the workout description and understanding what is required of you before beginning the workout. What if I cannot do the workout on a Saturday? If you have registered for the Open and wish to be validated on any other time other than Saturday it is your responsibility to come in during an Open gym time (your registration will count as an open gym for the duration of the open), video your attempt, and submit it online. If you have not registered for the Open, you must get an open Gym Membership through the duration of the open. What if I don't have an Open Gym Membership?  Your registration will count as your Open Gym fee through the duration of the open, after the open you can choose whether or not to continue your  Open Gym membership. If you haven't registered for the open and wish to perform workouts off to the side - you must get an open gym membership which is $20/month. You may contact to get one of these. What are the rules of open gym?  Class takes priority, you must work around the class to use equipment and space. Speak to a coach to get the best possible outcome, if the Open workout takes an invasive amount of equipment and space you may have to wait to perform your workout.  
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A 30-second guide to off-plan foods

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In this super short video we discuss the ideal three criteria to follow when having completely off plan foods. Ideally, make sure: 1) It's for a food you really care about or that's really worth it 2) The experience is shared with people you really care about. 3) That it's a legitimate special occasion not a random Tuesday At CFSB Nutrition we firmly believe the following three things. 1) There is more to health than food, and there is more to life than health. 2) That being said, there's a gigantic difference between eating whatever you want on a random Tuesday evening because you're stressed from work, and having something you really enjoy once a year on your birthday with friends. 3) No one in the history of humanity ever got fat, sick or diabetic from eating whatever they want just on the single days of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and their birthday, for example. It's not those single days that get us, it's all the days in between.
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CFSB Nutrition-Angie’s Story

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Today we sit down to talk with Angie about her journey through our one-on-one coaching program. During the program Angie: -took control of her eating and her health -found out she didn't need to have things like chocolate every day by paying attention to how food made her feel -figured out that dairy was a major cause of skin flare ups for her -her sleep was much better -changed the way she responded to and thought about cravings -was able to share what she learned about healthy eating with her family to help not just this generation but future generations as well. From my perspective, working with Angie was definitely an awesome coaching experience. People always ask me: "Does the program work? Will I get results?" and I always say "Yes...if you do it". That's the key bit, actually putting in the hard work and doing it. Angie's a perfect example of someone who put in the hard work and got results. She also learned a lot about herself and her relationship with food. Congrats on all your progress Angie! We're super proud of you!

Wades Army 2019

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September is upon us so that means that it is time to start gearing up for our 2019 Wade's Army campaign. We have been huge supporters of Wade's Army since their inception in 2013. To date we have raised $27,000! We are excited for that chance to again use our power for good. Each year we have been the top, if not top 3 fundraisers. I have set our goal high at $6,000. I know with our awesome community we will give this a solid shot. Wade's Army's mission is to raise awareness for neuroblastoma, an under-funded, little understood form of pediatric cancer through funding research and providing direct financial assistance to families in the fight with this deadly disease. There are two ways you can donate. (1) Simply donate the CFSB page here, or (2) Create your own fundraising campaign and join team CFSB. Each year Wade's Army comes out with a unique shirt. To them it's not just a shirt. It's a uniform. A badge of honor. A call to arms. Tell the world you're fighting for awareness, education and empowerment. And, know that every penny will help them achieve their most ambitious fundraising goal to date: Donate at least $35 by September 30th and claim your shirt in time for Wade's Day.
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Herculean Meals-Now at CFSB!

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We're proud to announce that we've officially started carrying Herculean frozen meals at CrossFit South Bend.
These meals are a healthy and convenient option when you don't have time to cook.
-They have real whole food ingredients
-They tell you their exact calorie and macronutrient contents on the front of the package so you don't have to weigh and measure anything
-They're frozen so they'll stay good up to 6-12 months
-They can be thrown in the oven or microwave for quick preparation
-They're a great option when you don't feel like cooking or when you are in a rush.
They're $10 a meal,. You don't need to be a CrossFit South Bend member to buy, but you do need to come in to CrossFit South Bend to buy them.
We sincerely hope you give them a try, and we hope that they lead to the inclusion of more real whole food in your life.

Using Your Fitness on Vacation

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Using Your Fitness on Vacation  For a lot of us fitness has become an integral part of our lives, and we have worked really hard to get where we are today. Because of this, a question we frequently get asked is: “What should I do when I am on vacation?”   There are a number of different options available. First, if you are staying at a hotel/resort you can scout out what the gym situation looks like. Normally you aren’t going to have access to barbells, but you will have dumbbells. Just about all barbell movements can also be done using dumbbells so you are in luck there.   Another option is to pack a few items in your gym bag that have some versatility to them. Now, I am not suggesting you pack an entire gym to take with. However, things like resistance bands and hip circles/minibands, jump ropes or perhaps a kettlebell if you are driving will all work. All of these items will give you a tone of movement options.   Doing body weight exercise is also a great option. There are a number of different variations of squats, push ups, lunges, step ups, pull ups, sit ups, burpees, etc. Take this time to explore some new movements, planes of motion, ranges of motion and take a break from the weights.   Also, a great option is to explore physical activities your destination has to offer; go hiking, try to learn how to surf/paddle board, go kayaking, go for a swim in the pool or ocean. Put your fitness to use, learn new things and explore your destination even more.    Need some ideas for workout? DM us on our Instagram Page Here, and we will send you our Training on the Road Guide.   Lastly and most importantly, IT IS OK NOT TO WORK OUT ON YOUR VACATION. That’s right. I said it. We don’t get to vacation nearly as much as we would like to. When you’re on vacation it is to relax, get away and spend time with family and friends. If you truly enjoy working out, then go do it.   However, don’t feel as though it’s something you have to do. If you wake up that day and aren’t feeling it then don’t stress about it, don’t look down on yourself or feel like you’re going to lose your #gainz in the week or so you are on vacation. My wife and I had great intentions of working out when we went on our honeymoon; the resort even had a nice Crossfit style gym. The itch or the want to work out was never strong enough for us to actually make our way to the gym. We did walk the resort, the beach, went on an excursion and snorkeled, and frequently lifted drinks to our mouths ?. It’s your vacation; make what you want out of it.   
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Carbs-Special Considerations

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In this video we talk about certain special considerations that should be taken into account, from a macronutrient perspective, when talking about carbs.
1. Fiber vs. Sugar
-Not all carbs are created equal. Fiber, generally speaking, is fairly healthy, while sugar is fairly unhealthy.
-When calculating your macros in MyFitnessPal or some other app, it's not just the total daily amount of carbs that matters, it's the kind of carbs.
-If you got 150g of carbs from sugar, via a ton of fruit let's say, that would be way less healthy, than 150g from vegetables where 50g are from fiber.
2. Net Carbs
-Related to the issue of fiber vs. sugar is the issue of net carbs.
-Net Carbs=Total Carbs-FIber
-Take green beans for example. If you made 1lb of green beans for example that would be 28g of total carbs, 11.2g of fiber, and 11.2g of sugar.
-Since we don't really digest/absorb fiber in the same way as glucose or fructose you could actually subtract fiber from the total.
-So, that same 1lb of green beans would be only 16.8g of NET carbs when you subtract the fiber out.
3. Raw vs. Cooked
-Lastly, when weighing and measuring your carbs make sure you measure them raw (i.e., uncooked). This is for two reasons.
-First, the nutrition facts label on the back is specifically for the raw food.
-Two, how you cook it will drastically change it's weight.
-For example, imagine weighing spinach before it's cooked and after it's cooked. Huge difference.
We hope you find this video useful.
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Different Ways of Eating

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Nothing in life comes without trade-offs. Nothing. Want to get married? Trade-offs. Want to stay single? Trade-offs. Want to go to college? Trade-offs. Want to avoid college? Trade-offs. The same is true with food. Every single way of eating has trade-offs. Every. Single. One. Paleo, Keto, Macros, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food all have trade-offs. There is no way of eating that is simultaneously the cheapest, the best tasting, the most convenient, the healthiest, the best for performance, etc. You can clearly see how trade-offs come in to play with the way most Americans eat today. The two main idols Americans worship today when it comes to food are cost and convenience. Most Americans think food should be as cheap and convenient as possible. It’s no coincidence that our health has taken a dive as a result of this attitude towards food, among other things. Because every way of eating has trade-offs does this mean no way of eating is better than any other? No. It just means that what is better or worse for someone depends on their individual goals. What’s true for one person in terms of what’s best won’t necessarily be the best for someone else. In this video I talk about all the benefits and drawbacks of different ways of eating so you can get a sense of what might be best for you given your goals.
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Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down-Olivia’s Story

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In this video we sit down with Olivia G. to talk about her journey with the CFSB Nutrition Coaching program. For those of you who don't know Olivia her favorite song is "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, which she would routinely play multiple times on her way to the gym. Thus, the title of her story. During the program she:
  • Lost 10lbs of body fat and 3 inches off her waist even though she was at a pretty healthy weight to begin with
  • Still made progress even though traveling for 11 out of the 12 weeks we were working together and she was in her last semester of Law School
  • Was surprised at how easy the transition was to eating healthy because she didn't feel like she was changing everything all at once
  • Felt like eating this way long-term is definitely sustainable.
In terms of Olivia's Non-scale victories she:
  • Had improvements in her digestion
  • Said her workouts have been easier and recovery has been better
  • Said her headaches has made a big difference
  • Said her emotional eating improved things a lot
Congrats Olivia on all your progress! We're super proud of you! Interested in improving your nutrition like Olivia did? Sign up for a free 30min nutrition consultation with the following link:

Herculean Meals at CFSB!

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CrossFit South Bend will now be a distributor or Herculean Meals!

We have a lot of busy clients at CFSB, and having a convenient delicious meals on hand when our members are in a pinch can make the difference! For our first launch of Herculean meals we will be taking preorders at 20% off one time only! Click here to order THESE ARE FOR IN HOUSE PICKUP ONLY! Starting Today and ending by Midnight on Thursday the 15th You don’t have to be a member to order these, just click the button below and these meals are already discounted down for our Preorder! From then on we will be carrying Herculean meals on hand at the gym whenever you need them •Convenience - Frozen at the time of preparation, each meal is individually packaged and can be heated up in as little as 3 to 4 minutes. •Taste - Inspired from local and international cuisine, Herculean provides variety for any taste, all which have flavor that is cravable. •Curated - Herculean's slogan, meaning we worked out the science to offer the best macros for any diet plan. •Frozen - Herculean freezes the meals so they don’t add any preservatives and the food stays good for up to a year. Click here to order