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Programming 7.10 – 7.16

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Start Date: 2021-07-10
End Date: 2021-07-16

Saturday July 10, 2021
Title: Saturday

A) Notes: Some upper body resistance, and full body muscle endurance work!
B) UB Resistance – 16 Minute Cap to warm up and finish: Push Press @31X1; x7-9; rest 60s
DB Pullover @3110; x8-10; rest 60s
x 3-4 Sets
C) LB Mixed Modal Muscle Endurance: 4 Sets
20 Walking Lunges
20 Russian KBS
20 Step Ups
rest 60s between sets

*choose movements you can perform consistently and unbroken/smooth


Sunday July 11, 2021
Title: Sunday

A) Gymnastics: 5 Sets
5 Jefferson Curls
15m Slow Bear Crawl -hips down
1-2 Somersaults

B) Odd Objects: Accumulate 30 D Ball or Sandbag over Shoulder
C) Core/Carries: 20 yard Front Rack Barbell Carry *tough
30-45s Ring Plank or Plank
x 6 Sets with a partner


Monday July 12, 2021
Title: Monday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

A) Notes: -Consider that this should feel like a 40 minute pace to properly train it
-score reps for each amrap individually
B) MAP 7 – LB Focused: 10 Minute Amrap
20 Cal Assault BIke or Row
15 Box Jumps with SD
9 TNG Deadlifts or TNG Power Cleans
rest/walk 4 Minutes
x 3 Sets

*Pre-req for Power Cleans here is being able to power clean your body weight, stick to around 40-55% of your 1rm


Tuesday July 13, 2021
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

A) Notes: -stick to the tempo, challenge what you’ve done over prior weeks
-score weight used for bench/row
B) UB Resistance – 30 Minute Cap: Medium Grip Bench Press @ 3111; x6-8; rest 60s
Bent Over Barbell Row @31X2; x6-8; rest 60s
x 3 Sets
directly into
Push Up or Ring Dip x 6-12; rest 60s
Ring Row x6-12; rest 60s
x 3 Sets
C) UB + Core: 10 Minute Amrap
1 Turkish Get Up/side *Tough
8-10 DB Curls
1 Turkish Get Up/side *Tough
12-20 Straight Legged Sit Ups


Wednesday July 14, 2021
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: “See part A”

A) Notes: -Consider that your pace should be something you can hold for 4 hours
-You shouldn’t need a warm up here – just dialing this in to make the isometrics a modification you can manage
-75s timer that will simply repeat again and again, my goal here is to get 60s in at each modality – so transition with some intent here
-no score
B) MAP 10 – Isometric Focused: 6 Sets – on a 75s timer
Plank or Dead Bug
Slow Spin on Assault BIke
Jump Rope Singles
Row Easy
Side Plank (30s/side)
Walk or Jog

Row/AB; don’t write it on the whiteboard, but pay attention to your pace


Thursday July 15, 2021
Title: Thursday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

A) Notes: Lower body resistance here today, a decent amount of it
B1) Barbell RDL : x6-8; rest 60s
B2) Goblet Squat: x10-12; rest 90s between
x 4 Sets
C) Barbell Sumo Glute Bridge: 4×12-15; rest 60s between

*if this is too hard – perform as bodyweight
D) Hinge Pattern: for time
30 Calorie Row
30 Ball Slam
30 Russian KBS

*bias a hinge pattern here with the ball slam


Friday July 16, 2021
Title: Friday

Warmup: Coaches choice warm up – throw a little Double under practice in there however

A) Notes: -Consider that you should be able to hold this 3 minute pace for 12 minutes
-if you cannot finish the double unders in at least 3 sets, you may want to consider doing singles, this workout is for expression, not skills practice
B) MAP 5 – Cyclical Focused: 3 Minute Amrap
200m Run
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
10 Calorie Assault BIke
1:30 Minute Rest
x 6 Sets