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What do you think about whiteboard scoring?

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I think it’s silly

More appropriately, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Not tracking either, I think you should track what you’re doing in fitness. I’m speaking about simply writing a score, on a whiteboard – or using software that ranks people for that matter.

I was watching some of our new members attend our 4 Week Reboot and it got me thinking about what habits I want to foster in individuals who are new to fitness. I’ve been stuck on this concept lately of what fitness autonomy means when it comes to our members. As the idea is beginning to take shape, I’m settling on a concept. 

I love teaching, and I want you to learn.

If my job is done correctly, you should need me less and less over the years.

I shouldn’t have to count your reps for you, explain to you why vegetables are important, or put things in place to motivate you – like jockeying you against others so that you push yourself.

Our conversations over the time you’re here at Crossfit South Bend ideally align you to the deeper inspiration as to why you are doing fitness and health in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re also here to meet you where you’re at right now.

So if that means temporary motivators, knowledge, and instruction – perfect. I want to be clear that some of these things are in place temporarily – whatever we need to do so that you have the appropriate amount of challenge and support to grow.

So, instead of looking at others to see how you stack against them, causing judgment with where you are in fitness, compensating in movement and intent to beat others, and oversimplifying your scores into “what we can put on the board”.

I’d rather you be learning more about yourself. 

Understanding where you’re at right now, and that you can only step from where you’re standing. 

That everyone is on their own journey, with different past experiences, genetics, lifestyles, etc.

Knowing more about who you are, and why you do fitness. That’s better than a whiteboard score.

If you’d like to get that conversation going you can always click here to schedule a chat with us about how you can grow in fitness.