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Skinny Fat: A Tale of Two InBody Scans

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What are you made of?
Lots of fat and little muscle, or lots of muscle and little fat.
That’s the question the InBody scan answers.
In this video we talk about two adult women who are the exact same weight, and yet person #2 is way healthier and more fit than person #1 because she was way more muscle and way less fat.
Put simply, person #1 is skinny fat. Meaning, they seem skinny because their weight is normal but most of that weight is fat, not muscle.
They both weigh 125lbs.
Interestingly, person 2 is 4 inches shorter than person #1 and yet she’s still healthier and more fit at 125lbs.
According to the InBody scan
-Person 1 has lots of fat and little muscle.
-In fact person 1 according to the InBody scan needs to lose 15lbs of fat and gain 11lbs of muscle even though her BMI is excellent according to the height and weight charts.
-If it wasn’t clear already BMI is a very problematic measurement because it doesn’t take account of the balance of muscle and fat.
Meanwhile person 2
-Has lots of muscle and minimal fat.
-Her InBody is nearly a perfect “0/0” where she has 0lbs of muscle to gain and -3.3lbs of fat to lose.
-Again, you would think because this person is 4 inches shorter weighing 125lbs would be worse for her than person 1, but that’s not the case.
What’s the moral of the story? Weight, BMI, and height and weight charts have lots of problems. For overall health and fitness what matters is the overall balance of muscle to fat, which a scale can’t tell you but an Inbody scanner can.
Interested in seeing what you’re made of? You can come on out to CFSB to get an InBody scan to find out your balance of muscle to fat.