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Mascarpone-A Delicious Whole Food Treat

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What is Mascarpone?

It’s technically a type of Italian Style Cream Cheese. It’s a delicious summer treat that goes really well with fruit, chocolate, etc.

What makes it different from other dairy products?
-It’s creamier and less tart/sour than yogurt with way fewer carbs and sugar

-Unlike ice cream you can keep it in the fridge, and it has no added sugar or artificial ingredients

-In my opinion, it’s much more neutral (i.e., less tangy) than regular cream cheese

-Unlike whipped cream, which takes time to be made if it’s home made, or has sugar/artificial ingredients if store bought it has no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

If you’re into keto or tiramisu this is the dairy treat for you. It has minimal ingredients, and is perfectly fine if you tolerate dairy.