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The Push To Keep Going – Mandy’s Story

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I about five years ago I had a family member tell me I should look into Crossfit that it seemed like something I would really like. I did some reading and decided I would look into it but had also heard it was very expensive and I was tentative to invest knowing our family schedule didn’t leave me much time to work out. Then I became pregnant with my second child so I threw that idea on the backburner for over a year and a half. Once things settled down after the birth of my son I stumbled upon a Groupon and decided that would be a great opportunity to try it at a discount. I REALLY had no clue what I was in for but knew I needed something different to get me active again.

I struggled to understand the need for what was then called the On Ramp classes, really how hard could it be? As I stood waiting for Robby I watched a class that was in progress and immediately thought, I could never do that and maybe I was in over my head. As we progressed through the On Ramp and I continued to watch other classes I became more intrigued and challenged. It struck me as something I could continue to do, see progress, and not get bored with as I had with so many activities in the past. Nearly three years later I am continually challenged and motivated to do better and do more. Had I not had that initial training I may not have stuck with it thinking it was too much to learn in the little amount of time I had each week to train. Some had joked that Crossfit is like a cult, people get in and they can’t get out and that’s all they talk about. I can see that perspective from the outside but from the inside a see an amazing community. I don’t know if this is the culture in other Crossfit gyms but it is truly what makes my experience far and above anything I expected.

In the past three years I feel like I have come a long way. Some days I have to remind myself of that when there are still so many skills I struggle with. Finally understanding the snatch move is one of my biggest accomplishments as well as just recently stringing together my kipping pull ups. The Olympic movements were all new to me and some of them have come easier than others. I finally feel that I have the right steps in place and continue to be able to move up in weight. I want to continue to improve on my Olympic movements but next on my list to master is the strict pull up and my double-unders.

My favorite Crossfit experience has been participating in the Murph workout last Spring. I have never had the availability nor the confidence to participate in one of these type of workouts. This year I was able to come and felt like I was at a point I would be able to contribute and not die afterwards! It helped we could do it as team! Truly understanding the meaning behind what we were doing and why and using that during the workout made it such a rewarding experience. In the last run it started to rain and I reminded myself what I was doing the workout and gave me the push to keep going when my body said I had nothing left to give. There were so many people of all ages and athleticisms all there for the same reason. It was a chilling experience to me and brought a new appreciation for what the day is supposed to be about. I wish I could do more of the community events and be at the gym more often but I am trying to make the best of what I get. The people and the coaches make me appreciate every class even on those days when it was a hard choice to get up go.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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