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Losing Wrinkles-Tracy’s Story

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Before Tracy started working with us at CFSB Nutrition she was very frustrated.
-She had issues staying asleep through the night
-Her digestion was not where she wanted it to be
-She had problems recovering from workouts
-She drinking a few glasses of wine a night
-her skin didn’t look the way she wanted it to
But now:
⁣- Her running feels amazing (no walk breaks!)⁣
-no melatonin needed to sleep⁣
-sleeping through the night without waking up⁣
-no hot flashes or night sweats⁣
-physically feels amazing⁣
-had another period and everything was normal⁣
-going #2 almost every day
-way less bloating and indigestion ⁣
-weight starting to go down and feeling firmer ⁣
-eating dramatically more real whole foods⁣
-way less wine⁣
-not as stressed⁣
-smoother skin, fewer wrinkles⁣
-clothes fit better
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