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Jeremiah’s Story-Renewed Confidence by Eating Right

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Jeremiah’s Story-Renewed Confidence by Eating Right

Have you ever seen someone be forced to use a seatbelt extender on an airplane flight because they’re too big for a regular seatbelt? Have you ever seen someone have to get off a ride at an amusement park because they couldn’t lock their seat in place due to their size? Can you imagine what that would do to someone’s confidence and self-worth? That was Jeremiah before he started our nutrition coaching program and CrossFit.

On a personal level, I have to say working with Jeremiah was definitely one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had as a nutrition coach. Of course he lost a ton of weight and inches, which we’ll talk about more below. But one of the most amazing parts of Jeremiah’s story that really inspired me was his change in confidence. When I first met him he was very down on himself, and he was always worried about disappointing others or failing. However, after doing nutrition coaching and CrossFit he had a renewed sense of confidence not just with regard to nutrition and CrossFit but with regard to his job and life as well.

During the challenge Jeremiah accomplished the following.

-Two of his biggest bright spots were not having to have a seatbelt extender when he flew on an airplane recently and he was also able to board a roller coaster at Six Flags without any issues while taking his students on a fun day out.

-He lost 40lbs doing nutrition coaching. He went from from 308-266lbs.
-He lost 7inches off his waist
-He lost 4 inches off his hips

Before he did the program he
-Didn’t actually think it would be feasible
-Had tried calorie counting with not much
-Thought he’d have to cut everything out cold turkey

After he did the program:
-He thought it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be be.
-He was able to play more sports
-He was much more confident both in his personal and professional life.

Jeremiah, we’re so proud of you and your success! You’re truly an inspiration!