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How to maximize your performance with nutrition coaching

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In this video we talk about how nutrition coaching can help you optimize your performance.

First let’s start off with one of the foundational pieces: food amount.

– I see it over and over and over again where people are under-eating, and this is especially true for people who are training for CrossFit, or power lifting, or endurance sports.
-If you are not eating adequate calories for what you’re training for, then you’re just, generally speaking, going to underperform.
-So with our InBody body fat scanner, we can actually help you determine the exact calorie needs for you based on your sport and body composition and so on and so forth.

But what if you’re eating enough calories but you’re still not performing well? Well, maybe then your macronutrient balance is off.
-You could be someone who has a 3000 calorie diet that’s very high protein, high carb, and another person who has a 3000 calorie diet that’s very high fat, low carb, and moderate protein.
-The balance of those macronutrients is gonna determine to a large extent how well you can perform your sport.
-For someone who is power lifting, you wanna make sure you’re getting enough protein.
-For someone who’s doing CrossFit, you know, go, go, go workouts, then you wanna make sure you’re getting enough carbohydrates. So, that balance is important.

Finally, another way we can help you improve your performance, that goes back to one of our core values when it comes to nutrition, is food quality.
-You wanna make sure that you have enough nutrients to get adequate recovery from workouts, to get adequate sleep, to make sure your muscles aren’t sore, to make sure your blood sugar’s stable, to make sure you’re actually digesting and assimilating your food.
-All of those are incredibly important for performance.

So, hopefully now you have a better sense of how nutrition coaching can help you with performance.