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How to achieve food freedom with nutrition coaching

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In this video we talk about how a nutrition coach can help you achieve food freedom.

What’s food freedom?

Where you are in control of food, not the other way around.

When you have food freedom,
-You’re no longer searching for the next fix of sugar.
-You no longer feel compelled to have unhealthy foods just because others are having them.
-You get to choose which foods are worth it to you and which foods are not.

How can nutrition coaching help you achieve food freedom? Through things like

-A special occasion calendar: this helps you figure out when it’s appropriate to have chocolate chip cookies (for example). Grandma’s homemade cookies at Thanksgiving are appropriate while scarfing down a bag of Chips-a-hoy on Tuesday evening because you’re stressed from work is not.

-A special foods list-some foods are really worth having and others aren’t. An artisanal pizza that you’re enjoying while traveling to Italy is incredibly different from a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. If you’re going to have off plan food it’s important to make sure it’s worth it and good quality.

-Food elimination and reintroduction : during our program we cut out commonly problematic foods like sugar, wine, dark chocolate, etc. However, we then reintroduce them after a period of time (typically 30 days) to see how you do them. This allows you to create your own food freedom around foods that are worth it and foods that aren’t.

Interested in giving nutrition coaching a try? You can set up a free 30min meeting with CFSB Nutrition head coach Robby Gustin with the link below.