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Hannah’s Story – Brain Surgery and Breaking Records

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“I came to Crossfit South Bend’s Sports Performance
Program after my freshman season of volleyball. I was looking for
some sort of off season conditioning to stay in shape. At first I
was hesitant about the Sports Performance Program. It was really
intimidating being the one of the only females in the class with a
bunch of guys. However, as I got more familiar with the program and
started to see results in my performance I became a lot more
confident in my athletic ability and in my life in general. After
my sophomore season of club volleyball I had to have shoulder
surgery, and was not able to play my junior year. Following that I
decided to focus on throwing. I had thrown for track and field
since my freshman year but volleyball had been my primary sport. As
I recovered and regained my strength I started to see huge results.
There seemed to be a direct correlation with the progress I was
making in the Sports Performance Program and the progress I was
seeing in my throwing. I started to hear from college coaches and
the dream I had of being a college athlete started to seem more and
more realistic.

Prior to coming to the Sports Performance Program I did
not ever think being a Division 1 athlete was possible. However,
the Sports Performance Program gave me the athletic capability and
the skills I needed. In addition to the increase in strength, speed
and overall athleticism the program provided there were also
countless other things I learned such as, how to fuel my body
correctly for a good performance, how to set both short and long
term goals, how to properly recover etc. that were all tools that
greatly contributed to my success as an athlete. As the recruiting
process picked up and I was talking to coaches they were
continually impressed with my offseason training and all the little
things I had implemented into my training thanks to what I had
learned through the Sports Performance Program. I signed with the
University of Dayton in October of my Senior year and I could not
have done that without the Sports Performance Program.
Even after I signed with UD Carl and everyone in the
Sports Performance Program continued to be a huge help. I had to
have a unexpected brain surgery in December of my senior year going into what was looking like it would be a huge senior season, and frankly at the time it seemed like the worst timing possible. A
little less than four weeks after my surgery I was able to come
back to the Sports Performance Program and while I was not able to
do a lot of the normal training Carl worked with me and what the
doctors were allowing me do in order regain my strength, balance
and confidence going into my last high school season. I opened up
the season with a huge throw breaking the school discus record by
over ten feet which again would not have been possible without the
skills I obtained through the Sports Performance

The Sports Performance Program is a lot more than just
offseason training, it is an opportunity to train with like minded
individuals and build friendships with other athletes from
different schools and different sports all working to be the best
athletes they can be. Training with these like minded individuals
changes your mindset and pushes you to do your best everyday in
your training. I’m really going to miss the training environment
and the people I’ve met through the Sports Performance Program!
There is no way I would be where I am today without

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