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Epic Products-Now available at CFSB

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Epic bars, bites, and sticks are some of our favorite on the go healthy snacks and now they’re available at CrossFit South Bend.

What’s great about Epic?

-Real whole food in bar, stick or bite form-good quality protein and spices in a bar

-Nose to tail philosophy-rinds, animal fats, bone broth, etc.

-Sustainable farming practices-grass-fed and pasture raised meats

At the gym we carry

-Bars-these are pemmican bars that are a mixture of fat and protein for a more chewy consistency.

-Sticks-very similar to traditional jerky without junk or fillers

-Bites-an interesting bite-sized option in-between the sticks and the bars. Not quite as stiff as the sticks but not quite as chewy as the bars.

-Performance Bars-a combo of dried fruits, nuts, and different flavors.

Give them a try if you haven’t yet.

Every product I highlighted in this video is either Whole30 approved or Whole30 compliant.