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CFSB Sports Performance – All Around Threat

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I started going to CrossFit South Bend’s Sports performance program the summer going into eighth grade. I simply thought it would be a great way to stay in shape, build strength and speed as well as get to know a coach that I would play rugby under at the high school level. My first impressions shocked me because as an eighth grader I hadn’t lifted weights that often and wasn’t entirely confident in myself, however as the program carried on confidence came as well. My favorite part of the program wasn’t working out but the bond that was formed by all the guys that worked out in the program. It introduced me to people and encouraged competition which makes things more fun. 

The program helped me become more aware of my actions and how to be more explosive and dynamic while running and kicking the ball.  I was more conscious in how my body moved on the field, and how not to waste little bits of energy that make the difference late in games, which in turn made me a better player than I was. It turned me into a threat all round. I wasn’t just a threat because of my knowledge of a game. It made me become a threat with ball in hand. Thanks to the Sports performance program I am more confident in my lifting because it teaches proper technique as well as making me conscious on how my body should be feeling before during and after a workout. Since starting the program I can say that I have become a High School All American and traveled with several selected sides as well as being able to continue on in my rugby playing career at Saint Mary’s College of California, a top ranked division 1 school. Without the work and time I put into the program I don’t think I could have accomplished these things.

-Cian M

Click here to check out our upcoming Sports Performance Camp Details