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CFSB Nutrition-The Power Of Macros

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Just a reminder: This weekend we’re having a Get Shredded, Get Strong Nutrition seminar where we’ll be talking about calories and macros. Register with the link below.

In this video we talk about the power of macros. First of all, what’s a macro? The term “macro” refers to a macronutrient, which is a nutrient we need in gram or larger amounts. What are the three main macros? Protein, Carbs, and Fat.

As you can tell from the chart in the video, there are lots of different ways to split up 2600 calories (or any amount of calories) in terms of protein, carbs, and fat. All of these different ways have very different metabolic effects on thee body.

While calories are useful in figuring out what needs to be consumed to shed fat, gain muscle, or perform athletically, they are not the only relevant consideration. Calories come from protein, carbs, and fat, and making sure you have the appropriate amount of each one for what your goals are is incredibly important.