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CFSB Nutrition-Muscle Gain Program

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In this video we talk about all the details of our CFSB Nutrition Muscle Gain Program where the main goals are to be strong, huge, and swole.

-At a fundamental level in order to gain muscle size and strength you’ll need to consume MORE calories than you burn.

With your individualized program, we’ll

-Determine a realistic and sustainable time-frame to gain the muscle mass/strength you want

-We’ll still focus on food quality and health so that you can gain muscle mass/strength in a healthy way (without resorting to processed foods)

-We’ll craft your program so you can gain as much muscle mass/strength as possible while minimizing any increase in body fat mass.

-Healthy sustainable muscle mass gain is roughly between 1-4lbs a month.

Just a reminder that this program can be done remotely and you don’t need to be a CrossFit South Bend member to do the program.

You can book a free goal session with the following link to get started with the program.