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CFSB Nutrition-Ben and Amy’s Story

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In this video we sit down with Ben and Amy who did our three month one-on-one nutrition coaching program.

What changed?
-Amy got way more control over her food choices rather than food controlling her
-Both of their energy levels were way better
-Ben lost 30lbs and 13% body fat.
-Ben got a couple strict pull-ups
-Amy’s body composition was already quite good when we started, but it got even better throughout the process.

They tell us
-what life was like before we started working together
-how their 3 months of nutrition coaching went.
-how their lives changed
-how they navigated this program with jobs, kids, and other time commitments
-how they plan to stick with the plan long-term.

Congrats on all your progress Ben and Amy! You did a great job!