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Carbs-Special Considerations

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In this video we talk about certain special considerations that should be taken into account, from a macronutrient perspective, when talking about carbs.
1. Fiber vs. Sugar
-Not all carbs are created equal. Fiber, generally speaking, is fairly healthy, while sugar is fairly unhealthy.
-When calculating your macros in MyFitnessPal or some other app, it’s not just the total daily amount of carbs that matters, it’s the kind of carbs.
-If you got 150g of carbs from sugar, via a ton of fruit let’s say, that would be way less healthy, than 150g from vegetables where 50g are from fiber.
2. Net Carbs
-Related to the issue of fiber vs. sugar is the issue of net carbs.
-Net Carbs=Total Carbs-FIber
-Take green beans for example. If you made 1lb of green beans for example that would be 28g of total carbs, 11.2g of fiber, and 11.2g of sugar.
-Since we don’t really digest/absorb fiber in the same way as glucose or fructose you could actually subtract fiber from the total.
-So, that same 1lb of green beans would be only 16.8g of NET carbs when you subtract the fiber out.
3. Raw vs. Cooked
-Lastly, when weighing and measuring your carbs make sure you measure them raw (i.e., uncooked). This is for two reasons.
-First, the nutrition facts label on the back is specifically for the raw food.
-Two, how you cook it will drastically change it’s weight.
-For example, imagine weighing spinach before it’s cooked and after it’s cooked. Huge difference.
We hope you find this video useful.