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Best of 2019-Angie’s Story

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Coming in January 2020 CFSB Nutrition will be offering:

-A One-Day Whole30 Seminar at CrossFit South Bend on Saturday January 11th

-A dedicated ongoing nutrition class starting Saturday January 18th

-One-on-One Whole30 coaching to help you achieve Food Freedom Forever.

In preparation for all these big events in January 2020 we’re highlighting some of the best client stories from 2019.

In this video we sit down with Angie who did our three month one-on-one nutrition coaching program.

During the program Angie:

-took control of her eating and her health

-found out she didn’t need to have things like chocolate every day by paying attention to how food made her feel

-figured out that dairy was a major cause of skin flare ups for her -her sleep was much better

-changed the way she responded to and thought about cravings

-was able to share what she learned about healthy eating with her family to help not just this generation but future generations as well.

From my perspective, working with Angie was definitely an awesome coaching experience.

People always ask me: “Does the program work? Will I get results?” and I always say “Yes…if you do it”. That’s the key bit, actually putting in the hard work and doing it.

Angie’s a perfect example of someone who put in the hard work and got results. She also learned a lot about herself and her relationship with food.

Congrats on all your progress Angie! We’re super proud of you!