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Best of 2018-Will and Katie’s Story-Keeping up with Lil’ Wayne

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The January 2019 Whole30 is officially underway! Didn’t start on Jan 1? That’s okay! It’s not too late to get started working with a certified Whole30 Coach at CrossFit South Bend.
Over the past few weeks we’ve be highlighting some of our best stories from 2018 of people who’ve had success with the Whole30 doing our one-on-one nutrition coaching program. Interested in doing a Whole30 in January? Want to work with a certified Whole30 Coach? All you you have to do is contact us, and we’ll set you up with a certified Whole30 coach to make the most your 2019 Whole30. You can schedule a free 30min consult with the following link: 
In this video we sit down with Will and Katie who just finished our one-on-one healthy eating program.
Both Will and Katie lost 20lbs while doing the program. They did all this while being career professionals and while raising their young son Wayne.
Non-Scale Victories that they experienced were:
-not really eating vegetables any at all to eating vegetables at almost every meal
-making this healthy way of eating a lifestyle and regular habit
-Katie found she had way more energy with eating clean
-She also found that her gigantic sweet tooth went away
-Will felt like his need for snacks went away and he had more energy
-He also felt like his mobility and muscle soreness and tightness has been reduced significantly
Will and Katie we’re so proud of you for all the progress you’ve made! Keep up the great work!