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Best of 2018: Tiffany’s Story-Love Yourself First

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The January 2019 Whole30 is officially underway! Didn’t start on Jan 1? That’s okay! It’s not too late to get started working with a certified Whole30 Coach at CrossFit South Bend. 
Interested in doing a Whole30 in January? Want to work with a certified Whole30 Coach? All you you have to do is contact us, and we’ll set you up with a certified Whole30 coach to make the most your 2019 Whole30. You can schedule a free 30min consult with the following link: 
Over the past few weeks we’ve be highlighting some of our best stories from 2018 of people who’ve had success with the Whole30 doing our one-on-one nutrition coaching program.
This will be the last week we’ll be doing this, and next week it will be back to all new episodes of Wellness Wednesday.

In this video we sit down with Tiffany who completed our one-on-one heathy eating program.

Tiffany’s story is interesting for a number of reasons, but one that really stuck out to me was the following. The main reason she decided to do one-on-one coaching wasn’t to lose weight, but to love herself more and create more positivity in her life. In our society, we sometimes equate loving ourselves with arrogance or self-obsession. But there’s a healthy form of self-love that Tiffany is describing where you care for yourself so that you can care better for others and be the best version of yourself possible.

As she said in the video, if your cup is empty you’re not going to be able to fill anyone else’s cup, and therefore doing things like eating healthy, working out, sleeping and de-stressing allow you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Tiffany accomplished the following during her program. Even though she was already eating really well before she started the program she:

-Lost 13lbs total

-Lost 10lbs of pure fat

-Lost 3.5% body fat

-Maintained her muscle mass.

She also got some non-scale victories:

-Not anywhere near as sore as workouts

-Went from a half-pull-up to doing pull-ups

-Energy way better, no 2-3pm slump

-Saving money because she was cooking most of her meals.