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Best of 2018-Nayeli’s Story

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In preparation for the next official Whole30 in January we’ll be highlighting some of our best Whole30 success stories from the past year over the next month or so.

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In this video we talk with Nayeli who did a great job with our one-on-one nutrition coaching program.

During the program:

-Nayeli went from 134.5lbs to 120lbs losing 15lbs

-She maintained her muscle mass all the way through

-She went from 34.9% to 26.9% body fat which was an 8% drop

Other bonuses:

-She says that her digestion feels way better than it did before

-She went from 0 strict chin-ups to 3 strict chin-ups with tempo

-Her energy started improving to the point where she felt more energized in the morning rather than fatigued

-Her favorite jeans don’t fit her anymore in a good way.

We’re so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished Nayeli!