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A 30-second guide to off-plan foods

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In this super short video we discuss the ideal three criteria to follow when having completely off plan foods. Ideally, make sure:

1) It’s for a food you really care about or that’s really worth it
2) The experience is shared with people you really care about.
3) That it’s a legitimate special occasion not a random Tuesday

At CFSB Nutrition we firmly believe the following three things.

1) There is more to health than food, and there is more to life than health.

2) That being said, there’s a gigantic difference between eating whatever you want on a random Tuesday evening because you’re stressed from work, and having something you really enjoy once a year on your birthday with friends.

3) No one in the history of humanity ever got fat, sick or diabetic from eating whatever they want just on the single days of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and their birthday, for example. It’s not those single days that get us, it’s all the days in between.