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9 Cool Things an InBody Scan Can Tell You that a Scale Can’t

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In this video we explain the basics of what an Inbody scan tells you and how to interpret your own report.

       9 Cool Things an Inbody Scan Can Tell You that a Scale Can’t     

Unlike a traditional scale an Inbody scan can tell you.
-Your ideal weight relative to your height and weight
-The total amount of muscle in your body
-The total amount of fat in your body
-Your Body Mass Index
-Your percent body fat (this is the most important part of the test)
-How much muscle you need to gain for ideal body composition
-How much fat you need to lose for ideal body composition
-Your lean body mass which is a decent proxy number for the grams of protein you should be consuming per day
-The total amount of calories you burn per day

So, it’s a pretty comprehensive and informative test. To sign up for your first scan just use the link below.