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5 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

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       5 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving     

In this video we present 5 tips to help you survive Thanksgiving from a food perspective.

As I’ve said in many other videos, no one ever got fat, sick or diabetic from eating whatever they want on the single days of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

It isn’t those single days that makes us unhealthy it’s all the other days in between that are the issue.

In particular the fact that we as a society make November 25th to December 25th into a gigantic food orgy and then January into an atonement for that food orgy.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Enjoy yourself with family and friends on the day of Thanksgiving and then get back on the wagon, so to speak. Remember Thanksgiving is one day not four.

So, what are the 5 tips?
1. Enjoy yourself. Thanksgiving is objectively a special occasion to be celebrated with family and friends so you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself with family and friends, again for that single day.
2. Make sure you personally consider Thanksgiving a special occasion. Just because it could objectively be considered a special occasion doesn’t necessarily make it special to you. For some people I work with, they care about Thanksgiving while others don’t. So ask yourself whether it’s truly important to you or not.
3. Make a list of the foods that you really care about and want to have and have them. For foods that aren’t so healthy that you don’t care as much about avoid them.
4. Thanksgiving is 1 day not 4 days. Have what you want for that single day and enjoy yourself, and then get right back on the wagon.
5. During this holiday season more generally you can have what you want on the single days of the special occasions, but that means it’s going to be even more important to be eating nutrient dense real whole food the rest of the time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!