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Timika’s Story-Getting Healthy as a New Mom

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Are you looking to looking to lose weight, be healthy again, and kick ass at life? Spots are still available for our one-on-one nutrition coaching program here at CrossFit South Bend this coming January.

Throughout this coming month and into early  January we’ll be reposting some of our all-time best testimonials from the Wellness Wednesday vault. These videos are meant to demonstrate that anyone, no matter what life situation, can change their life and health for the better with one-on-one nutrition coaching.

In this video, Timika tells us about her experience with our 90-day nutrition coaching program with a special guest, her beautiful daughter Kiya.

Timika did an amazing job with our 90-day nutrition coaching program. She really put a lot of effort into it, and the results speak for themselves.

-She’s back in her pre-baby clothes. She’s even back in the clothes she was wearing before she got married.
-Her cravings improved significantly.
-Even more importantly, she feels confident that she can eat this way the vast majority of the time for the rest of her life, which is fantastic.

I think Timika is a great example of how it’s possible, even as a new mom, to eat healthy, and get back to fitting into the clothes you want to fit into.

To schedule a free 30-min one-on-one nutrition consultation with CFSB Head Nutrition Coach Robby Gustin to see how our nutrition programs can help you achieve you goals just click directly below.