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We Want Your Story

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We want your story with CrossFit South Bend.

Spin it whatever way you want. In whatever way that is important to you. Whether its weight loss, performance, community, health, quality of life, or really anything that was important to you coming in here.

We want to highlight all of you on our new website that will be launching soon and get everyone who has never been to CFSB a good feel of what its like through your unique individual stories before they come in.

The questions below are simply for inspiration. Say any thought or answer any question you’d like to.

What brought you to CrossFit South Bend?
What was your first impression of CrossFit South Bend? What changed?
What was your first accomplishment that you took pride in at CrossFit South Bend?
What accomplishment are you working towards now?
What is your favorite CrossFit South Bend memory/experience?
Tell us how you’ve changed since you’ve been to CFSB?

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