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What is leaky gut?

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What is leaky gut?-CFSB Wellness Wednesday

Have you ever heard people use the term “leaky gut”? Were you confused about they were talking about? You’re not alone.

This video is meant to clear up that confusion and explain what leaky gut is. Leaky gut (or what’s more properly known as intestinal permeability) is a subclinical condition in which the following two things happen:

1. Things that shouldn’t be getting into your blood stream (fungi, bacteria, viruses, undigested food particles) are “leaking” into the bloodstream due to a compromised intestinal barrier.
2. You’re not absorbing nutrients the way you should be because the lining of your small intestine is damaged.

Put simply: With leaky gut too much bad stuff is getting into your bloodstream that shouldn’t be there, and not enough good stuff (i.e., nutrients) is getting absorbed by your body.

Leaky gut has been implicated in all sorts of chronic health conditions. Getting to the root cause of many of these chronic health conditions often involves the need to heal leaky gut.

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