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What do you consider a special occasion?

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In this video we’ll be talking about making a special occasion calendar.

What is the special occasion calendar?

It’s a short list of the most important events that happen in your life throughout the year. Your birthday, Christmas, your spouse’s birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.

What’s the point of the special occasion calendar?

To show you the frequency of your special occasions throughout the year and to show you what’s actually worth celebrating and eating off plan throughout the year.

As I’ve said many times before, it isn’t the single days of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays where we eat off plan that lead to health issues. If people were eating healthy the rest of the year and had whatever they wanted to eat on these single days way fewer would be overweight, sick, and diabetic.

The problem is that we’ve made special occasions way too frequent. For example, if you’re special occasion calendar includes a legit special occasion once a week you’re definition of a special occasion is way too broad.

Most people when they actually do this excercise only have 1-2 special occasions per month. This is just frequent enough to enjoy yourself, but just infrequent enough when it’s a super frequent occurrence.

What about special occasions can’t plan for? Engagements, promotions, etc. For those things list those types of occasions that would warrant a special occasion for food.

If you have 5-10 mins give the exercise a try. Just write down your list of special events throughout the year. It might not be quite as many as you’d think, and that ends up being a good thing. It means you can enjoy yourself on those days, and go back to eating healthy the rest of the time after they’re done.

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