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Wednesday 6-25-14

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A) Push press – 20 min to work to 3RM, then 2×3 @ 85% of 3RM

B) OHS – EMOM for 10 minutes: 2 OHS @ 75% of 1RM snatch

C) 5 rounds: 3 man-makers, 3 broad jumps, lunge back to DB

***Remember there is no Oly class (or any class, really) on Saturday!***

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  1. Quick question for you all…anyone stumbled across a great deal on fish oil that doesn’t involve taking more capsules than I have fingers to count with? I’ve checked out PurePharma and SFH so far as they seem to be the classic Crossfitter go-tos. Any other options/thoughts/tips/tricks?

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