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Walk MS 2019

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CFSB will be participating for the second year in Walk MS with CFSB Member’s Brian and Demetria. Come out with us and show some support with Team Deme on Saturday May 4th – Registration begins at 8:00am and Walk starts at 9:00am

Read on to hear Brian and Demetria’s Story

Brian and Demetria’s Story – Walk MS: South Bend 2019

My primary job in life is providing care for my wife, Demetria. In 2006, Demetria was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable and disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain as well as between the brain and the body. MS is different for everyone, making it challenging to solve. Most people diagnosed with MS have the relapsing remitting form, meaning they experience “attacks” or increased neurological symptoms that last for several days to several months, followed by periods of “remissions” where they partially or completely recover from their symptoms. Demetria deals with a rarer form called primary progressive MS. It’s different in that there are no attacks or remissions, rather the decline of the central nervous system is slow and steady. Unfortunately, there are no medications to reverse the neurological damage. Medications only offer the potential to slow disease progression.

Only a few years after her diagnosis, Demetria experienced a rapid and severe decline in her neurological system, developing very serious physical disabilities not typically associated with MS patients. By 2010, she developed a speech disorder, head tremors, severe muscle weakness in her legs, and ataxia in her arms. It’s been a very difficult journey, but we continue to fight her disease together and Demetria’s toughness and perseverance provides a great source of inspiration. But we are not without joy. Despite all of her challenges, Demetria gave birth to our son, Jude, in 2014! The love, energy, and enthusiasm that he displays every day reflects Demetria’s spirit.

When I joined CFSB, it was to start “caring for the caregiver.” My experience has been amazing. While I’m proud of my improved fitness, my goal was always to find life balance and strengthen myself to continue my caregiving journey. I never expected to find such a truly positive and supportive community that would help me in achieving this unique goal. Last year, when we invited the coaches to Walk MS, we were hoping they would wear our orange Team Deme t-shirts during classes on the day of the walk to help raise awareness for MS. Instead, they asked us to share our story, closed the gym to join us at Walk MS, and encouraged everyone to join our team. The support we felt from the entire CFSB community was incredibly uplifting. Thank you to everyone that helped make it a memorable day and thank you to the members and coaches who continue to strengthen me and allow me to continue caring for Demetria.

This year, we are once again participating in Walk MS: South Bend to recognize Demetria’s fight against multiple sclerosis. My wife and I wanted to invite all of CFSB to join “Team Deme” and participate in Walk MS: South Bend on Saturday, May 4th. Since 2014, Team Deme has raised almost $10,000 for the National MS Society (and with CFSB’s help, almost $4,700 last year)! The money raised helps the National MS Society fund research, advocate for change, and support programs for those impacted by MS – programs that my family has used to obtain home care, medication, and medical equipment. It makes a big difference in many lives. Please consider donating to our team and/or joining us on Saturday, May 4th for Walk MS: South Bend. You can use the following link to join our team, register for Walk MS, and get more information:

Finally, we always give orange t-shirts to those that join us at Walk MS. We are going to re-use the same t-shirt design as last year. If you are new to our team or need a new shirt for any reason, please let us know your t-shirt size by Monday, April 8th.

Thanks so much to the entire CFSB community for your love and support!