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  1. Skyler! I wish it weren’t so 🙁 . I will miss your smiling face and great attitude in the early morning classes! It has been a pleasure to coach you! You always worked hard and learned fast! I have to admit it was a joy pushing you and you never disappointed. I’m thankful for your friendship here at CFSB!!! We know you will have many PR’s at your next box…so keep us updated and GET ON FB 😉

  2. Thanks Amy, I’ve learned so much from you and you’re so inspiring! I want to thank you all for being such awesome coaches and showing me that working out can be very rewarding as well as tons of fun! The coaches at my next box will have some pretty big shoes to fill! If I ever find myself in South Bend again, I’ll definitely stop by. And I’ll consider the whole Facebook thing 😉

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