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Tim’s Story – Getting to 7% Body Fat

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Today I’m here with Tim, who just finished his three months of nutrition coaching.

Tim just absolutely did fantastic with his entire journey. The food was on point the entire time, he went from 218 pounds to 192 pounds in the course of three months,about 25 pounds of weight loss.He lost three and a half inches off his waistand he’s now at seven percent body fat.

And this is all while eating 2,800 calories a day, roughly.

– Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to eat and I could keep eating.-

Yeah, and that’s just eating 2,800 calories a day of real, whole food and his performance in the gym has been fantastic.

We’re gonna take you through Tim’s journey todayand kind of talk about how things went for him.

Tim, before you started all this stuff, what did you think of this way of eating, how feasible did you think it would be with your life and what you do for a living? How’d you feel about it?

– I didn’t think it was gonna be easy. I thought giving up pizza and cheeseburgers and ice cream was gonna be like, impossible. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought I was gonna be. I thought it was gonna be like eating plain meat and bland vegetables for every meal and that’s not what it was at all. My food actually tastes good.

– Okay, good, so tell us a bit more about that. So once you actually started doing it, trying to incorporate it with your job, your schedule and your life, how was it, how’d you find it?

– It was good, I liked it. The hardest part was getting in a routine. Once I got into a routine with when I was gonna eat, how I was gonna eat, it was easy. It was harder when I broke the routine than when I was actually on routine.

– Yeah, okay.- So it was pretty interesting.

in terms of body composition, I just rattled off those metrics.In terms of like weight, you lost 25 pounds, body fat percentage, how’d you feel in terms of, how did your clothes fit and all the rest of that stuff?

– My clothes don’t fit. – Okay, but in a good way.- I had to buy new pants, yeah, get new pants. But yeah, it feels awesome. I can definitely feel the difference.I have abs now, that’s awesome.

– Yeah, that is pretty awesome.

– Pretty cool.

– And you were saying that you finally feel comfortable taking off your shirt in the gym?

– Yeah, yeah, I could not do that before I started this.It just feels good now.

– How’s your performance been in the gym?

– Really good, I think it’s definitely gone up. I don’t come in feeling exhausted any more. I usually feel pretty good after I get warmed up.

– That’s good, so one of the things you were mentioning when we first started was that you were just feeling really fatigued pretty much all the time and you had been for a long time. How did that change up the process?

– I don’t really get fatigued like that anymore. I’m not coming in exhausted. I’ve got pretty good energy levels all the time,I feel good.

– Good, good, and how was it with like the food, and with your girlfriend and prepping stuff and being able to still be social while eating this way?

– Well, my girlfriend is avoiding it.When I’m cooking, she just leaves, she buys her own groceries, she still eats ice cream for dinner, so it’s not like it affected her doing that.

– Right.

– It definitely kind of sucked sometimes when friends would want to go out for pizza and I couldn’t, or I’d have to like not eat, that kind of sucked. But I go look in the mirror, I see what I’m doing in the gym and it’s worth it.

– Yeah, and you know, just like we talked about for this next month and going forward, you’ll be able to have off-plan foods for special occasions .Do you feel like this will be sustainable long-term with being able to have those special occasions?

– Oh yeah, for sure, I think it will throw me off more when I have the special occasions, getting back on track and having my normal food.

– Okay, awesome. So if you ran into a friend or someone who was concerned about this being super bland, say someone was considering nutrition coaching and they though like, nah, it’s gonna be super bland, it’s gonna be super boring, it’s gonna be super hard.After having finished all this, what would you say to them?

– Food can still taste awesome. Like I love my potatoes, my potatoes are my favorite part.- Potatoes are awesome.- Yes, I love them, but there are so many different recipesand stuff you can findthat actually makes your food taste good,like you don’t even notice that you’re getting healthy’cause it still tastes good.

– Yeah, so guys, I just have to say that out of pretty much all the people I’ve done nutrition coaching with,Tim is definitely one of the best.Every week his food journal is in on time, every week his food was on point and just like the results, you killed it, you did a fantastic job.

– Thanks.- Super proud of you and all your results and yeah, if you guys are interested in nutrition coaching, that’s not something to be scared of.It is something that you can still live your life and get some good results, even with eating delicious food.

– Definitely worth it, 100%.-

Tim, thanks for joining us. Thanks so much for tuning in, see you next time.