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Can you out-excercise a bad diet?

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In this video we talk about getting all your health ducks in a row, and how certain aspects of health can be more important than others.

-While fitness is important, you can’t out-excercise a bad diet.

-If you’re not eating real whole food most of the time supplements are mostly just a waste of money.
-You can eat the best diet in the world and workout a lot but if you only sleep 4-5 hrs a night that will mess everything else up.
-Finally, chronic mental and emotional stress will derail everything else if you don’t find healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress.

So, in getting your health ducks in a row it’s important to prioritize.

We also talk about the H.I.D.D.E.N.® stressors that play a huge role in your overall health namely, Hormones, Immune Function, Detoxification, Digestion, Energy Systems, and Neurotransmitters. If those aren’t in line nothing else will be.

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