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Tara’s Story-A Life-Altering Experience

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In this video, Tara shares her experience with our 90 day nutrition coaching program.

Tara was initially skeptical about whether she could handle changing her nutrition from how she was eating to eating healthy the vast majority of the time. However, she went from a point where she thought this way of eating was not manageable to a point where it became a normal part of her life. As you’ll see in the video she describes eating this way as a life-altering experience.

What were some of the benefits of eating this way for Tara?
-Better sleep
-Better energy
-Being more resilient against stress
-Her husband lost 14lbs eating the same way she did
-Her family all sat down to healthy dinners, and her kids got to try more healthy meals that they actually liked.

Tara we are so proud of you and all your success! Congrats!

If you’re interested in doing the same program Tara did, we’ll be announcing our 2017 Whole90 gym-wide nutrition challenge in just a few weeks. So stay tuned.

Want to get started right now with nutrition coaching before the January rush? Contact for a free 30min nutrition consultation to discuss our one-on-one nutrition coaching programs.

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