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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

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How do you break the yearly cycle of yo-yo dieting? How do you make it so that on Dec. 31st 2016 you’re still on track with your new year’s resolution from Jan. 1 2016?

In this week’s edition of Wellness Wednesday we talk about how to successfully stick to your New Year’s Resolution. Here are the keys to success:

  1. Come up with a series of small wins over time that you know you can achieve to build up a long-term habit.
  2. Realize that real change doesn’t come in a short period of time. Give yourself 2-3 months to really establish a habit.
  3. Find someone who can hold you accountable to your own goals whether it’s a friend, family member, or coach.
  4. The same person who’s holding you accountable also needs to be a source or support and encouragement. They can’t just be a drill sergeant who yells at you and berates you when you don’t stick to the plan.

Do you have a health, fitness, or weight loss goal you’re looking to accomplish in the new year? Check out our 90-day nutrition challenge here, which incorporates all the tips above to help you succeed at achieving your goal.

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